What keeps you awake at night?

Beth was a survivor, or at least she was until she was made redundant.

Later, Beth admitted that although she had known that the department she headed at a large publishing house was set for reorganization, she’d chosen the ignore the proverbial ‘writing on the wall’.

During the 18 months lead-up to this catastrophe, Beth had chosen to by-pass several lucrative opportunities. She liked her job and so why should she take a risk on something new? Besides, she had enough other things going on her life.

But just a week after closing the door on her office for the very last time, a recession hits hard and deep and job prospects for Beth, overnight, dry up.

As the result her confidence dips, her relationships slip, and within a few months, she really is in a jam.

Although Beth knew something was wrong, she chose to ignore it, unwittingly walking straight into the hands of fate.

What’s it worth to you not to do the same?

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