Photograph(s) taken by Jonathan Self; www.jonathanself.co.uk


We all tell ourselves stories. Stories are how we frame our world. Sometimes our stories serve us well and sometimes they don’t. But because our stories go deep, into the realm of archetypes and the collective unconscious, they aren’t easy to identify much less to change.

We all have a certain proclivity to certain stories. Without thinking, we automatically plug in – i.e. ‘I”m a winner’ or ‘I’m a loser’. We keep telling ourselves the same stories over and over until we take time out, and start thinking. Narrative coaching is a focused process for identifying your stories

At some level, all coaching is a narrative process – focussed on a story of change with the client as the protagonist.


Coaching is a focused process for making positive change. It is not about quick fixes. Instead, coaching is about getting a clearer idea of what you want to achieve and devising a workable strategy on how to get there.