What will you make of your tomorrow?

Alice has a problem. She is out of a job, her bank account is empty and her rent is due. Worse, although several potential solutions have presented themselves, she does not know what to do.

As a Libra, Alice has always been too concerned about pleasing others to think about what she wants, much less how to get it. This is how she got into her current mess. She will get out of it with astrological coaching.


  • This unique, innovative mix of psychology, literary theory, and astrology allows Alice to quickly hone in on the crux of her issue.
  • Using a variety of fun exercises, Alice soon identifies the key stories, or personal narratives, that she’s been telling herself – stories & narratives that have been holding her back.
  • To solve her problem, Alice must change these stories, those narratives.
  • For this, she must understand both her strengths and weaknesses as well as how best to deploy and manage them.
  • As old, unprofitable beliefs and behavioural patterns fall by the wayside, Alice becomes more confident than most women of her age.
  • At last, Alice is in the enviable position to identify exactly what it is that she wants, and free from the obstacles and burdens of her past, she develops sound strategies to ensure that she gets it.

Each and every zodiac sign carries its unique set of challenges and solutions. When like Alice you’ve come to grips with yours, you’re on your way forward, post-haste.

Not certain that you believe in astrology?

To benefit from working with me, all you need is to believe in yourself, which, if like Alice you do, then you’ll want to get started right away.

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