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Relationship Report

Receive a short written report highlighting the key themes at work in your relationship as well as a 50-minute follow-up discussion either in person or via ZOOM. Offer available for the entire month of February! It's best if you have the day, year, time and place where each of you were born. But if any of this is missing, then let's discuss!


How does it work?

The following is a recent report done for Ms S in regards to her new friend, Mr T.

Kindness & Empathy

The most prominent theme operating between this couple is Moon/Neptune. This is likely to impart an overriding degree of kindness and empathy between the pair, which can be quite lovely.

  • This natural, instinctual bond runs deep and will not easily be broken. Both parties will likely feel that they ‘know’ each other ‘well’ and because of the placement of the contact, this is likely to play out in their interpersonal communication.
  • However comfortable the Moon/Neptune contacts may feel, it is in itself is not an indication of romance. Indeed although this contact is one of the classic signatures of a ‘soul mate’ relationship, it is just as often found in purely platonic relationships as it is in those of a sexual nature. 
  • Potential problems with such a tight and deep bond like Moon/Neptune include the propensity to lose a vital sense of personal boundaries. 
  • Should this happen, it could leave both parties feeling emotionally drained. Another potential problem is that whilst one person endlessly gives (in this case, most likely it would be Ms S), the other person (Mr T) might endlessly take. If this dynamic remains unchecked as the relationship progresses, it could well prompt Ms S to become increasingly more possessive – demanding more and more attention. In response, this could well prompt Mr T to ‘quietly slip away’ and become increasingly ‘emotionally unavailable’.
  • Both Ms S and Mr T need to be always mindful not to slip into a ‘redeemer/victim’ pattern of relating which is common with the Moon/Neptune dynamic. Should this occur and continue unchecked, both parties may begin to unconsciously ‘undermine’ the confidence of the other in order to keep hold of their tight bond. 

Openness & Warmth 

Another theme key theme is that of Sun/Jupiter. This is likely to result in a feeling of natural harmony between Ms S and Mr T, marked by a sense of openness and warmth.

  • Because this Sun/Jupiter contact is in the place of partnerships and marriages, should Ms S and Mr T form an alliance akin to a partnership, both will ‘shine brighter’ and enjoy significant personal growth as the result. 
  • However, we must also always remember that the place for partnerships and marriages is also the place for ‘open enemies’ – i.e. if you’re not ‘with me’ then you’re ‘against’ me kind of thing.

Power Plays / Domination

The planet Pluto plays in to the the Sun/Jupiter theme suggesting that if Ms S and Mr T are not careful, their relationship could very well become an open battle ground. 

This warning is further highlighted with a combination including the planet Mars close to the Midheaven (MC) and in square aspect to both the Ascendant/Descendant axis and the planet Venus.  This configuration increases the possibility of this relationship ultimately becoming a battleground – as ‘domination’ and ego-fueled ‘power plays’ become the order of the day.

Sexual Attraction / Open Hostility

Although as noted earlier, the Moon/Neptune theme is often found in purely platonic relationships,  in this case, a close Venus/Mars contact suggests a sexual attraction between Ms S and Mr T. Doubtless, given the circumstances, this is most welcome. Beware! Without careful attention, this erotic energy may find itself ‘rechannelled’ into arguments – even over the most petty things – as both parties engage in the power plays, as noted above. They well know how to ‘push each other’s buttons’.


Finally, this pair also enjoys a mutual Venus/Sun contact suggesting a natural harmony promoting a significant degree of mutual acceptance and tolerance. 

  • This contact, however pleasant, also brings with it the danger of taking each other for granted and subsequent loss of that all important ‘spark’ of interest that brought them together in the first place. 
  • It’s more than possible that Ms S will begin to feel that she’s being taken advantage of by Mr T and that he does not appreciated or value her as much as she does him. 
  • If this occurs, then the more she goes out of her way to please him, the more complacent he may become. 
  • Some balance  in ‘give and take’ needs to be negotiated else the relationship risks the possibility of Ms S holding a ‘grudge’ regarding the ‘unfairness’ of it all – and this could well ultimately drive a wedge between them.

Important questions for Ms S to ask herself

  • What is your communication strategy going to be?
  • How will you know when he’s heard you?
  • What do you notice about his body language?
  • What are you afraid to say?
  • What’s the worst that could happen if you said it?
  • What assumptions are you making in advance of saying it?
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