A weight off my shoulders

After gaining real insight into what I value most, I took some important decisions regarding my career. I feel like a weight has been lifted.


back on track

My Sun is in Virgo. I’m attentive to detail. But Debra helped me to understand that I was obsessing unnecessarily. After doing a fun visualisation about what I really valued most, I was able to map out future plans for my career with an enthusiasm I’d not felt in years. 


it was fun

I felt completely supported during our sessions – they were ‘fun’ – and Debra’s quirky, creative style resonated with me.


astrology validated my feelings

I was amazed that astrology validated my feelings. It was so helpful. I loved how Debra could speak from authority as having already gone through some of this herself. There’s hard work ahead but now I’m sure that I’m on the right path!


it wasn’t just bad luck

It was a really frustrating time but Debra helped me to see it that wasn’t just bad luck. There were things that I could do to make it better. Just to put thoughts out in the open was fantastic.


the power of being heard

I liked how Debra replayed my own words. I felt like finally I was being heard. Her view on my chart really helped me to see I’m on the right track and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.



Much to learn – astrology is great and Debra explains it so well.


Valuable insight

As I’m moving forward with changing gears, I found self-doubt getting in the way. Astrology helped me understand more about myself and that was incredibly helpful. Insight is my best friend.


Impromptu exercise

An impromptu exercise showed me exactly why my current situation was not the same as something similar in past. This time, I will definitely handle things differently.


astrological signature

We used astrology to design my new coaching practice even down to the colour schemes that would best serve to express me and my ideas. It was different and fun and really helpful.


Damage control

It was a terrible time. My career was collapsing all around me. Debra helped me to stay calm enough to extricate myself from a bad situation with dignity and I look forward to working with her to build my future.


Discarded Baggage

My ‘old life’ kept dragging me back to unprofitable ways of both thinking and being. After working with Debra, I finally saw what needed to change and together we developed a strategy of cleaning out what parts of me that I no longer wanted or needed.



I’ve just had one of Debra’s mini Astro-coaching sessions. I love the way Debra guides you through the reading, explaining the influences and how to make the best of them. It really helped me to put some perspective on the last couple of years and allowed me to fully focus on starting a new chapter knowing I’m supported! I feel so positive and motivated, just at a time when it was so needed. Thank you 😃🙏



Thank you so much Debra Ann DeLeo-Moolenaar for my reading this morning… Really encouraging and uplifting… So much to look forward to 😉

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