Advanced – A Series of 3 Astro-Coaching Sessions



In this series of three 60 minute sessions via ZOOM, you will specifically identify what is happening for you right now and why it is so important. Next, you will explore possibilities of how you might best tackle these current challenges concerns and how your future could look as the result. Finally, in order for you to move forward as planned, you will strategize about what needs to change and how to actually change it.  Part and parcel to this part of the process is identifying which of your personal strengths you might polish up to help you and well as which weaknesses could use some shoring up.  Perhaps the most challenging part of all this comes when we finish with the coaching and you go back out into your everyday world and try your new strategies out. Manifesting change, however well-intended, is never easy. I well know that. That’s why I offer you a 45-minute gratis catch-up session – sometime down the road – if and when you need it.


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