Personal Branding for Pro-Active Women



Personal branding is about taking an active role in managing your image, showcasing your strengths and talents, whilst still be true to yourself. It’s also about developing your awareness of those strengths and talents as well as helping you to understand how others view them and you.

In this series of SIX 45-minute ZOOM sessions, we’ll use your natal or birth chart to develop your personal brand which consists of six key elements (Niche, Vision, Mission, Values, Needs, and Communication), each of which spotlights one particular placement, planet, or position in your natal chart. After each session, you’ll receive a written summary (A-4 one page) of the key points covered so that we can continue to build your brand session by session.

At the end of this program, you’ll know exactly what it is that you need to do in order to build a strong reputation both within and without your firm, which in turn, puts you on the radar for fantastic career opportunities. This program is also perfect for entrepreneurial, self-employed women who want to stamp their personal brand on their business endeavors. Finally, what could possibly be a better way for new graduates entering the workplace for the first time to show potential employers exactly how it is that they best shine?!


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