Fine Tuning – Mini-Reading



These mini-readings readings focus specifically on a single planet which is moving through one particular area of your life right now. They are designed to help you to understand the current energies in play as they relate specifically to you so that you can FINE TUNE your plan of action to make the most of them.

The following are the available TRACKS or THEMES for your reading during April-May 2020 – pick the one that will help you the most right now.

  • SOLAR SPOTLIGHT – Each year, the Sun travels through every nook and cranny of your natal chart, shining a spot light on different areas of your life. From mid-April to mid-May, the Sun is in Taurus, the Sign of the Bull, and if it’s one thing we know about bulls, is that they are incredibly powerful. The energy of Taurus offers you many things ranging the promise of finding peace and simplicity in your everyday life to building a business empire. This theme is particularly useful for those who are keen to take control of their lives by improving the decisions/choices they make.
  • LOVE & JOY – From now until the middle of August 2020, Venus  is traveling through the fun, flirty, and sophisticated zodiac sign of Gemini. The energy of Venus offers the opportunity to bring love, joy, beauty, and harmony into your life and your relationships. This theme is particularly useful for those who are feeling bored and restless as well as for those looking for the best way to bring a new relationship into their lives.
  • SERIOUS OPPORTUNITY – For the next two and half years, Saturn is traversing through idealistic Aquarius. This gives you a serious opportunity to slow down and concentrate on making you goals and ambitions a reality. There’s no doubt that that Saturn in Aquarius will challenge you wherever he falls in your natal chart; there will be lessons to be learned. But consider the proverb whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Now’s your chance to pause, reassess, and regroup.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – Have you ever shared a thought or idea with someone, only to have it ignored or completely misunderstood? How did that make you feel? Such is the power of communication, which we all know is a two-way street. But managing both your listening and speaking skills/style at the same time will never be easy and to make it worse, if you don’t know the effect that the current planetary energies are having on communication, you ought not to be surprised that even your most genuine efforts fall flat. For the next 4-6 weeks, Mercury will be moving swiftly through three different zodiac signs before turning retrograde. As result, what proves to be effective communication one week may not be the same the next. This theme is particularly helpful for those who make a living from their communication skills.



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