Answers to your Questions

Do you work only with women?

No, I welcome both men and women as clients – but interestingly most of my clients are women.

I believe this is because although many of the issues addressed by coaching are faced by both men and women, women usually take a different approach in solving them.

Because of my own gender, I believe that I’m in a privileged place to better understand their position.

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Are you a career coach?

Yes & No.

A major distinction between executive coaching and my approach is that the later concentrates on the totality of one’s experience while the former focuses solely on work. Another distinction is that with executive coaching, the goals are usually set by the employer, who is, after all, paying the bill. Sometimes those goals are in sync with those of the individual coachee but often enough, they aren’t. This can lead to dilemmas, conflicts of interest, and poor decisions.

Thus I am not an executive coaching although I remain dedicated to helping everyone reach his or her potential, career or otherwise.

Sometimes this requires that requires you to change your career path and sometimes it means helping you to progress on your current one.

Either way, I work only for one client and that client is you.


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What if I don’t have my time of birth?

The planets are in constant motion and that means that the energies surrounding your time of birth are dependent on an accurate birth time. The more accurate your birth time, the better the results astrologically. Even a generalised idea of whether it was morning, noon, or night helps helps but if push comes to shove, we’ll improvise.


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What typically happens during coaching sessions?

During our coaching sessions we will share structured conversations and exercises to help you to get in touch with your strengths and weaknesses as well as to articulate what you really want. Together, we devise and implement a workable strategy to achieve it. Much of what we will do will be astrologically inspired but it’s up to you as to how much astrology we actually discuss. Some people want more and some want less. This is not an astrology reading.


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What qualifies you to do this work?

  • I have an Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching Awarded by the University of Cambridge. The programme has Association for Coaching accredited coach training status (ACTS).
  • I have also completed a six-month qualification course with David Drake on his special brand of evidence-based coaching, Narrative Coaching. This provides a flexible and robust methodology enabling you to develop in real time and achieve real results without a dependency on goal-setting, which relies on will-power alone to succeed. I am proud to announce that I am a Narrative Coach ™ Enhanced Practitioner.
  • I am a Member of the International Association for Coaching and bound by their standards.
  • After three years of study, I earned a Diploma from Liz Greene’s London-based Centre for Psychological Astrology in 2003.
  • I have a BS in Psychology from the State University of New York.
  • I also have an MA in The Study of Mystical and Religious Experience from the University of Kent at Canterbury.
  • In business, I’ve worked as an international tax lawyer (Massachusetts Bar) for more than 30 years in three different countries, most of that time spent as a Senior Manager with the Big-4 accounting firm, Ernst & Young.
  • I take continuing education very seriously. Not only does it provide a continually evolving perspective, but it ensures that my knowledge and skills are up to date. For the academic year 2018-2019, I will take short courses at the University of Oxford in  the Psychology of Leadership, and the Psychology for Happiness. I will also join a program for coaches on Positive Psychology.
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I live on the other side of the world. Can I still work with you?


Most of my coaching sessions are by SKYPE or WEBEX anyway and that works very well.


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What is an astrology chart and why is it important?

You’re the material manifestation of the moment you were born and the planetary energies of that time imprint on your environment, personalty, and life path.

By exploring your natal chart, you can get a unique glimpse of your strengths and weaknesses so as to achieve your goals in a way that is natural and authentic.

You could achieve the same thing through traditional coaching and/or counselling but then, having that astrological map to follow is likely to speed things along.



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Do you predict the future with astrology?

Yes and no.

Many assume that astrology implies an acceptance of fate and the denial of free will. However contrary to the suggestion of Sun Sign columns in your local newspaper, the ‘fate’ implied by astrology is far more complex than simply a destiny ‘written in the stars’.

Shakespeare once wrote that the entire world is a stage and all the men and women merely players. In a sense, one’s natal chart is a metaphor for his or her personalized play, complete with stage set, cast of characters, and of course, story.

In this sense, ‘fate’ does not mean that the individual is subjected to random, preordained events. Instead, it lies with the interchange of the characters representing the individual’s deepest needs, fears, and desires. Stage set is likewise represented. After all, humans are complex creatures and it is only to be expected that the various dimensions of their psyches will sooner or later, achieve expression in the outer world.

Although astrology cannot predict what will happen, it can shed light on what is most likely to happen.

Free will is implicit every step of the way.



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How is coaching different from therapy/counselling?

One of the key distinctions between counselling and coaching is that the former pathologizes, while the later does not.

In other words, therapy/counselling is designed to address the needs of those suffering from diagnosable conditions such as personality disorder or depression.

Realistically, it can be difficult determining whether someone is just sad or whether they’re depressed. This is why we have an initial consultation before deciding to work together. It’s your job to be honest about your situation. It’s my job to ask the question ‘can my coaching help’.

Can coaching and therapy work together?

Absolutely. As one of my clients who is also in therapy/counselling put it, counselling allowed her to address her past and put problems behind her whilst coaching made her think in new and different ways about how to construct her future.

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