About Debra

I’m Debra, an American living in Oxford, UK with my Dutch husband, adorable dog, and two sassy siamese cats.

After a thirty-year career as a international tax lawyer,  I’ve completed my coaching certification at the University of Cambridge.  Finally, I’m ready to embark on my exciting new career, astrological coaching.

Astrology is my passion.  Even after working with it for more than twenty years, it still amazes me how it pretty much explains just about everything.

My unique brand of coaching blends astrology with the Narrative Coaching Model, which itself is a clever mix of existentialist and Gestalt coaching philosophies, the key principle of which is that life is what you make of it. It ought not to come as a surprise that we do this in accordance with our psychological profiles, so aptly represented through the vibrancy of astrological symbolism.

I’d very much like to work with you to consciously make the most of your psychological profile