About Debra

meHi, I’m Debra and I live in Oxford UK with my Dutch husband, two sassy Siamese cats and one adorable little dog named Cassie. Life is great now but it hasn’t always been this easy.

Midlife crisis transits – there are 3 of them – if you’re in your middle age right now you’re probably experiencing at least one ¬†of them now – what’s your story?

Here’s my story about how one of those transits nearly killed me:

Astrology is my passion. Even after working with it for more than twenty years, I’m still amazed at how it pretty much explains just about everything. During my 30-year career as an international tax lawyer with a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm, I had ample opportunity to explain that to many skeptical clients and colleagues. Imagine their surprise when a straight-laced, well-educated, professional whom they’d come to trust and respect held such a heretical, yet oddly credible, point of view?

Now, as an astrological coach, I’m in a position to share it with you, too, and in doing so help you to better navigate the inevitable peaks and troughs of life.

My unique brand of coaching blends astrology with the Narrative Coaching Model, which itself is a clever mix of existentialist and Gestalt coaching philosophies, the key principle of which is that life is what you make of it. It ought not to come as a surprise that we do this in accordance with our psychological profiles, so aptly represented through the vibrancy of astrological symbolism.

I’d be honoured to hear your story.

astrology validated my feelings

I was amazed that astrology validated my feelings. It was so helpful. I loved how Debra could speak from authority as having already gone through some of this herself. There’s hard work ahead but now I’m sure that I’m on the right path!