Unknown-1.pngFor nearly thirty years, I’ve worked as a international tax lawyer (member Massachusetts Bar and graduate of Boston College Law School) in Boston, Amsterdam, and London. My speciality was cross-border transactions for American high net wealth clients based primarily outside the US.

It’s not been easy. But it has been rewarding.

Imagine my surprise, when during the last few years before my retirement, I discovered that mentoring a new generation of international tax professionals proved equally rewarding, if not more so.

Hence coaching.

By the summer of 2018, when I have completed my current studies with the University of Cambridge, I will be a qualified coach. About the same time, I will also have completed my specialty course of study with Dr David Drake in Narrative Coaching.

Unknown.pngMy interest in narrative coaching only makes sense; I’m both a budding novelist and I hold a Foundation Certificate in English Literature  from Oxford University (the equivalent to the first year in the study of literature).

images.pngDuring my studies, it has become apparent that while the narrative coaching model is dynamic and gives excellent results, it could be more so by mixing it with astrology,  my passion for many, many years. I have formally studied with the London-based Faculty of Astrological Studies and completed a three-year diploma program with Liz Greene back in the days when her London-based Centre for Psychological Astrology offered that qualification.

A few coaches have added astrology in their toolkit but to my knowledge, no one has  blended it with narrative coaching. Because each of the ten planets in the natal chart are identified with gods and goddesses which are replete with stories of their own, this combination has the potential to be especially powerful.

In addition to offering astrological coaching services to select clients, I hope to continue my coaching studies either with a Masters Degree at Cambridge (it’s in the making, so I’ve heard) or possibly at Oxford Brooks.

In my spare time, I continue writing fiction and fingers crossed, with a little bit of luck, my astrologically-based novel about the upcoming 2nd American civil war will be published!

Thanks for your interest in me and my work.

Debra low-res photos 024.jpgBest wishes,

Debra DeLeo Moolenaar

ps:  for an interesting article in Newsweek about me and my work, click here.

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psss: the little dog’s name is Cassie and we live in Oxford, UK with my Dutch husband and two siamese cats named Mickey and Teddy.



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