What’s stopping you?

On Tuesday (30 April), Saturn slips into retrograde and ‘stations’ or appears to stand still in the sky.

During any planet’s ‘station’, we experience a strong surge in his or her archetypal energy. With Saturn, that means that we are forced to stop and honestly assess the obstacles blocking our path. 

Although no one likes to be made aware of his or her limits, in truth Saturn is doing you a favour.

The end may be in sight – victory at last – but something or someone is keeping you from crossing the finish line and for a good reason. I’m willing to bet that something has do with teamwork – shared endeavours – knowing when and when not to hand on responsibilities. Today, pay close attention to criticism – constructive or otherwise –  because there’s something in it that you would do well to hear.


After that, whilst Saturn continues to travel backwards before stationing again (to forward) in September, you’ll have time to make amends. Prepare to share your glory.

  • How is this working?
  • How would you summarise your efforts to date?
  • What is stopping you?

Saturn Return

When a major planet forms a key aspect to its natal, or birth, position, you’re set for a new stage in your personal development. If you’re willing and able to consolidate the challenges presented, you’ll soon be off and away, ready to continue on the next phase of the cycle.

The first of these key aspects to catch your attention occurs when you’re about 28-30 years when Saturn returns to its natal position.

For example, if you were born in June 1989, your natal Saturn is at 11 Capricorn and guess what, in December 2018, he was at 11 Capricorn again. He’ll be back at 11 Capricorn in February 2048 for your second Saturn return, when you’ll (hopefully) be preparing for a happy retirement.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

During this, your first Saturn return, you’ll be tested as to any unreal expectations you still carry from childhood; the usual suspects include hassle-free marriages, perfect children, and pinnacle careers with little or no effort. 

To the extent that you’re still clinging to the ‘happily ever after’ fairy tale theme, then get ready for wake-up call. Think of it rather like a ship settling sail on a round-the-world voyage; if advance preparations were not sufficient, there will be trouble.

Consider the ’27-Club’, a term referring to a number of popular musicians like Amy Winehouse, who died at age 27 years, usually as the result of substance abuse or suicide.

Although some struggle to understand why there is a ‘statistical spike’ in musicians who die at aged 27, it’s no surprise to astrologers. The first Saturn return is a time of change, frustration, uncertainty and, sometimes, depression. Although society considers that once you’ve reached your 20’s, you’re grown up and are fully developed. However, psychologically, this is far from the truth.

Saturn Returns are a time of consolidation a ritual rite of passage.

It’s often not until the first Saturn Return that most people become serious about their lives – getting married, having kids, taking on that first mortgage. But there are some like Ms Winehouse, who for whatever reason bow out early in the game, perhaps at some unconscious level preferring to remain forever in childhood.

  • What’s the hesitation?
  • What’s the first step you can take?
  • What’s the worst and best that can happen?