The Precipice

Funny how when things go wrong, we’re quick to blame anyone or anything, including Mercury in Retrograde. I’ll admit, it is true that retrograde Mercury slows things down and even ensures that certain carefully orchestrated plans and connections go awry.

But I’m also willing to guess this occurs for good reason.

Today, Mercury in Leo turns retrograde (appears to back-paddle through the sky) and by mid-month, he will slip back into Cancer. 

The Precipice

Try this now:

Imagine you’re on the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking over the precipice into a deep gorge. If you’re feeling somehow small and insignificant in the face of the grander scheme, that’s quite natural. Yet at the same time, you wonder how it is that your life seems to have been fairly smooth sailing for some time. It’s also quite natural for you to assume this will continue if not forever, at least for awhile.

But the reality is quite different and by the time retrograde Mercury does slip into Cancer, it might well already have become apparent that you’re becoming increasingly trapped between rock and a hard spot. Like the rock formations in the Grand Canyon, without your even noticing it some situation in your life will have quietly developed until it has reached the point where you no longer can go on as before.

Now the question becomes whether you’re willing to jump into the brave new world – the void cracking opening before your very eyes. Or will you retreat back from the edge of the precipice and find an alternative route. Only you can decide and in regards to your decision, only time will tell whether it was right or wrong.

  • How do you explain this to yourself?
  • What are the possibilities here?
  • How will you pull it all together?

Question your lessons

As the master of illusion, Neptune works in mysterious ways.

When he’s direct (moving forward in the sky), he’s subtle – even sneaky – but when he stations and turns retrograde (stops and reverses direction), it’s time to move out from the shadows and face the (proverbial) music.

What is the lesson?

From 21 June until 27 November, Neptune is powering backwards through the sky in Pisces and so you’ll be revisiting some of your most cherished illusions and taking a reality check. 

There are lessons to be learnt and wisdom to be imparted.

Equally, there are questions to be asked and covert agendas to be uncovered. You know very well that all that glitters is not gold but how often do you fool yourself into believing that all you read or hear is true and what you and your’s say is gospel?

Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher.


Both spiritually and emotionally, this may prove to be a challenging time not least because you’ll lose your blinkers and one-eyed attitudes. 

  • Imagine your spiritual master is helping you to grow by facing a very personal challenge. What is it?
  • If that’s the solution then what exactly is the problem?
  • What if the opposite were true?

What’s stopping you?

On Tuesday (30 April), Saturn slips into retrograde and ‘stations’ or appears to stand still in the sky.

During any planet’s ‘station’, we experience a strong surge in his or her archetypal energy. With Saturn, that means that we are forced to stop and honestly assess the obstacles blocking our path. 

Although no one likes to be made aware of his or her limits, in truth Saturn is doing you a favour.

The end may be in sight – victory at last – but something or someone is keeping you from crossing the finish line and for a good reason. I’m willing to bet that something has do with teamwork – shared endeavours – knowing when and when not to hand on responsibilities. Today, pay close attention to criticism – constructive or otherwise –  because there’s something in it that you would do well to hear.


After that, whilst Saturn continues to travel backwards before stationing again (to forward) in September, you’ll have time to make amends. Prepare to share your glory.

  • How is this working?
  • How would you summarise your efforts to date?
  • What is stopping you?

Practice Makes Perfect

Today at 17:05 GMT (not BST), Jupiter turns retrograde – i.e. he is back-pedalling through the zodiac rather than moving forward. 

When Jupiter is moving forward, it’s full steam ahead and because (since 5 November 2018), Jupiter is in Sagittarius (where he is very, very happy and productive), it’s been (potentially) a great time. The advice back in November was to take risks, albeit to read the small print and never jump in with both feet until you’ve checked out the full story. 

Now, with Jupiter in retrograde (until August 2019), you’ve got a unique opportunity to rethink your plans and if all that glitters turned out not to be gold, you have a second chance.

Second chance at what?

Good question.

This is how I see these next couple of months shaping up.

Somebody in this situation (it could be you…) believes that they’ve been doing all that’s necessary to accomplish the goal but this is NOT TRUE.  

practice makes perfect

It’s great to try things out – practice makes perfect – and so for the next couple of months, you can continue in this way – but when August comes along, spare yourself any illusions – if the objective is to be accomplished, more effort will absolutely be required. 

  • What would you need to do to make your dreams come true?
  • What do you REALLY want from this situation?
  • What needs to become clear for you?


Mercury retrogrades have a bad reputation and not always justifiably. 

The truth of the matter is that although Mercury does rule connections and communications of all sorts, there’s no reason to blame him when your train is late or if you hit the send button on that email that, it later turns out, you probably ought never to have written.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

At the moment, Mercury is fluttering about backward at the end of Pisces and I, for one, think this is a good thing. This is because we all have another chance to turn an impossible goal, project, or dream into reality.

impossible dream becomes reality

To make the best of this time, you must be perfectly clear about what it is that you really desire – because, well, the chances are that you just might get it.

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible. 

Cheri Carter-Scott

Upon reconsideration


  • What do you make of it?

  • What part of the situation have you not yet explored?

  • How else could you handle this?

ME in RE

On 17 November, Mercury turns retrograde for nearly three weeks.

But contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that everything regarding communication and transport will, necessarily, go wrong.

What it does mean is if you’re traveling, it pays to re-check your connections and when you’ve drafted an email, it pays to reread it before sending.

Equally, it means that, from time to time, it pays to rethink where you’ve been and where you’re headed because, as you know, everything is not always as it might appear.

  • This period of Mercury retrograde is perfect to reconsider whether the resources upon which you plan to rely are still available.
  • You may wish to review whether your plans have grown too large, too unwieldy, to be effectively realised.
  • You might also think about whether there is some angle to your plans that you’ve not fully explored.

Finally, it’s worth reconsidering whether, in order to meet your agenda, you’re unfairly using up the time and energy of others.  Equally, you might reconsider whether your time and energy is being unfairly used by someone else.