The concept of Intentionality comes from the work of the early 20th century existentialist philosopher, Edmund Husserl. His specialty was phenomenology, or the science of looking ‘to the things in themselves’. He believed that intentionality dictates the way in which we interact with our world. Sadly, more often than not our intentionality is fueled by the willy-nilly meanings we’ve assigned to the people and things that comprise our world as if we were operating on auto-pilot.

Got a problem (Part I)?

Situation In mundane astrology when Mercury is retrograde (i.e. apparently back-peddling across the sky), deliveries go missing, phone calls and emails remain unanswered, misunderstandings of all sorts arise and, oh yes, do expect delays. In horary astrology (divination), retrograde Mercury suggests a change of direction. Business deals near completion are renegotiated. Friends and associates haveContinue reading “Got a problem (Part I)?”