Exercises in Good Judgment

Consider yourself a good listener?   If you are, then that’s very good news indeed. Obviously, none of us can afford to exercise poor judgement – especially now – and research is clear that the exercise of good judgment requires good listening and communication skills.  Unfortunately, even for those of us who are usually good listeners/communicators,Continue reading “Exercises in Good Judgment”

Riding the Big Wave / Danger & Thrills in Action

Have you have ever found yourself becoming increasingly irritable in a situation even though rationally – on the surface – there seems no reason for it? Such situations are potentially both dangerous and explosive and they are especially so right now. Today and tomorrow and through the rest of this week, we’ll all be confrontingContinue reading “Riding the Big Wave / Danger & Thrills in Action”

New Solutions to Old Problems?

Looking for new solutions to old problems? Now, with Mars moving into Aquarius, you’ve got your chance! Since mid-February until now, Mars has been in Capricorn, and chances are good that you’ve either had your nose to the grindstone and/or fire- fighting in a very focused way. Either way, you’re probably exhausted. One of theContinue reading “New Solutions to Old Problems?”

Stage Set / Through the Houses

Shakespeare once wrote that the entire world is a stage and all the men and women merely players. In a sense, one’s natal or birth chart is a metaphor for his or her personal play, complete with stage set, cast of characters, plot, or the story line, and of course both character growth arc and theme.Continue reading “Stage Set / Through the Houses”