No longer can we ignore …

No longer can we ignore …

A month ago, I predicted that the UK General Election would see the then conservative government out of power in what would be a surprise election result.

The surprise part was right but the predicted result was wrong.

The Tories swept back into power in the biggest landslide victory they’d enjoyed in decades. I will admit that I got it wrong because although the proverbial writing was clearly on the wall, like so many I dearly wished to ignore it.

Now we will be forced to read more carefully this writing on the wall as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, undoubtedly the most important planetary configuration of the year – if not the new decade and beyond – kicks off in earnest.

If in doubt of how seriously this is being taken in astrological circles, Google “Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020” – I got about 470,000 results in .33 seconds.

The Saturn/Pluto cycle is one of crisis and contraction.

It squeezes us until that which has been (personally and/or culturally) repressed oozes out and comes to the surface. The expected result is one of fear and loathing. Bad stuff happens as we collectively project this fear on to someone or something – a scapegoat who often seems, strangely, ready-made for the purpose.

For example, WWI commenced on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Cancer in 1914.

To understand how this works across the Capricorn/Cancer axis, first remember that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Cancer by the Moon. Thus we can expect the cold, hard reality of worldly events (Saturn) to seriously disrupt our domestic and emotional security (Moon).

We can also expect, as the fear rises and we look for someone to ‘control’ it for us, conservative governments and their policies to rise in power.

It starts with the lunar eclipse early this evening (GMT).

With every eclipse something ends and something begins but whilst solar eclipses tend to offer new opportunities, lunar eclipses tend to bring final endings. Thus the status quo to which we’ve adapted exists no longer and as a consequence, , like it or not, we are forced to take action.

Because in this eclipse the Moon is in Cancer, the sign that it rules, this will necessarily impact out our sense of emotional well-being. Then two days later, on the 12th of January, we will experience a seriously powerful planetary line-up in Capricorn (Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury/Jupiter.

Expect nothing less than the total and utter structural (Saturn) collapse and upheaval – (Pluto) that will play heavy on our minds (Mercury). Because the Sun is involved as well, we can expect this crisis to bring CLARITY regarding some heretofore hidden TRUTH – a sober AWAKENING – as to the reality of some situation we’d been refusing to face.

Although it is unlikely that all will become apparent on the actual day of this conjunction, as we look back on events that unfold over the next 12 months, we’ll begin to see this seeding time for what it was.

This transit will also impact each of us individually – although those with natal planets or other key points in their chart between 20-25 degrees cardinal signs (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries) will feel it more than others.

Stay tuned as later posts will address how this may all play out for you.

Chapter ONE:

Chapter ONE:

On 26th December at 5:18 AM GMT, we will enjoy the new Moon in Capricorn and with it, arguably, the biggest planetary aspect of the month, a powerful solar eclipse.

There’s a huge line-up of planetary energy in Capricorn – so basically, there is no place to hide.

You should – no, you will – do something with this energy although some (with planets or angles 2-6 degrees in the cardinal signs – i.e. Libra, Cancer, Aries, and Capricorn) folks will feel this more than others.

This is not so much a dark energy as it is something to be taken seriously – not the least because you now have an honest opportunity to make a new beginning – start a brand-new chapter – in some important aspect of your life.

This must be approached in a realistic, grounded manner, taking into consideration everything you’ve learned up to this point about life. Yet still you’ll be feeling excited – enthusiastic – about what’s opening up for you  – and it is good stuff because you’re going to make it so. It’s also going to be a long-hard slog to the realization of this new opportunity – this new project – this new chapter in your life – so prepare to be persistent and patient and do whatever it takes!

In this regard, you should consider:

  • Committing publicly to the project, telling your family and friends as much as possible about your plans;
  • Creating a plan of action and start actioning the points – ticking them off one-by-one – taking baby steps at first until the ball gets really rolling;
  • Recruiting support, be it a coach or a colleague or even a friend who understands your goals;
  • Establishing milestones – book appointments with yourself in advance to review how far you’ve come and how far you have yet, to go and a word of advice – don’t cancel these appointments – even if you’ve got nothing to report to yourself, be honest about that and use the time to think about how you will make it different next time.

Become a Wise, Old Owl

Become a Wise, Old Owl


Today, we will enjoy an optimistic, opportunistic new moon in Sagittarius, setting the scene for events to unfold from today until the full moon on 12 December.

Wide, open vistas combined with an active imagination fuel you to enthusiastically take up that which the universe has on offer and turn it into a bright, happy dream.


But first, you need an accurate picture of what it is that is actually on offer and because Sagittarius is involved, there’s a good chance that wishful thinking, rather than realistic appraisal, becomes the order of the day.

This risk is elevated by the fact that Mars is in opposition to Uranus, an energy that encourages hasty, impatient, impulsive action.

If you want to make the best of the next two and one-half weeks, take up the persona of a wise, old owl, silently and purposefully twisting your head full circle, taking in all that which others, less observant than you, will fail to see.


When assessing any situation, it will always be tricky to get the right mix of impulse and slow, careful deliberation.

This is because of the way that our brains work.

The closer scientists look, the clearer it becomes that we’re more like animals than we’d like to think. Yet equally, we can and do benefit from the human cortex, the part of our brains that plans and deliberates. Allow all parts of your brains to confer freely and openly and make better decisions. But when you allow only one part of your brain to function at the expense of the rest, it can go horribly wrong.

From an early age, we are told that cool heads prevail. We are warned that we ought never allow our emotions push the agenda. But research now suggests what we really need is a good working balance of both intellect and gut feelings.

To accomplish this, cultivate your emotional self-awareness; notice heightened feelings of both excitement and fear and pay close attention as to how they do or do not influence your behavior. Ask yourself questions such as ‘what caused these feelings’, ‘where might they come from’, and ‘in what context am I most likely to experience them’.

Later, reflect back on the decisions that were made as the result of such these feelings – did they pay off or not? Should they be repeated or avoided?

Hindsight is the best sight, and so use it.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Gary Klein’s book, The Power of Intuition.

What’s stress got to do with this?

What’s stress got to do with this?


Today, we enjoy the full moon.

As you know, the full moon is a time of manifestation, when the seeds sown at the last new moon a few weeks ago have borne fruit.

But did you also know that astronomically, the full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in complete opposition? Thus, it is a time of maximum tension.

The pace quickens, stress builds, and we find ourselves severely challenged.


Stress is on the rise and studies suggest that in the next few years it’s only going get worse. Yet, positive psychology suggests that the problem isn’t with stress itself, but how we choose to deal with it.

Indeed, some stress is actually good for us. Thus, the name of the game is to not to focus on eliminating stress from your life but to cultivate your resilience to it. It’s rather like weight-training at the gym. Over time, your muscles grow stronger and stronger allowing you to tolerate more and more weight.

The problem comes however, when you go overboard and keep weight training every day – all day. In order to avoid injuries, you need to give your body time for recovery.

The same goes for managing stress.


  • Take a break – the 15-minute coffee break and the one- hour lunch break were invented for a reason. Take them. Also take an hour every day to do something you really love (and enjoy it completely without guilt) as well as taking a least one day off each week. This is actually more helpful to your overall health and well-being than squeezing in that two-week annual holiday.
  • Re-frame how you think about stress – as noted above, some stress is actually good for us. It prepares us to cope better and more confidently in a whole range of situations. Instead of considering yourself the victim in a stressful situation, use it as a learning experience – for example, how to better prioritize your time.
  • Discern what you can and cannot control and act accordingly – for example, you can’t control the weather so there’s little sense worrying about it. Instead, concentrate on a back-up plan so that if the weather turns foul, you have alternative travel plans or can work from home.
  • Say no – such a small word, ‘no’, but we are so afraid of it because inevitable someone is disappointed and/or some opportunity has been cut off. Yet in order to survive, you cannot run 110% of the time 24/7 and so you need to find your zone of sustainable stress. This is a trial and error process and it’s different for everyone. Start by prioritizing what is most important to you and take on those responsibilities that further that most. Take on more and more until you feel it is getting to be too much. Watch for the early warning signals like overindulgence in food/drink as well back pain, headache, and sleeping problems. Beware, however, you don’t necessarily benefit from taking on less work. We’ve all experienced situations where something that should only take an hour manages to suck up your entire day.
  • Avoid procrastination – contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be ‘inspired’ to perform a particular task and putting if off (and off and off) only creates more stress. Take the leap and just dig in,revising and reworking where necessary. Beware. This is not the same thing as jumping into a project without proper planning. As we all should know by now, that just costs everyone wasted time and money. Find and maintain the right balance.