New Solutions to Old Problems?

Looking for new solutions to old problems? Now, with Mars moving into Aquarius, you’ve got your chance! Since mid-February until now, Mars has been in Capricorn, and chances are good that you’ve either had your nose to the grindstone and/or fire- fighting in a very focused way. Either way, you’re probably exhausted. One of theContinue reading “New Solutions to Old Problems?”

No pain, no gain, right?

Many believe self-isolation to be an imposition, an affront to daily life. But imagine what might happen if you were to see this differently? Saturn has moved from Capricorn into Aquarius, where he’s giving us a unique opportunity to gain much-needed CLARITY not only about what has been but also what might be. Ruled byContinue reading “No pain, no gain, right?”

Healing Fictions in Your Most Intimate Relationships

In the Neoplatonist cosmos, the Moon stands at the gateway of your psyche and the material world. Thus your Moon not only mediates between events, experiences, and the meaning that you give them, but it also gives you a wealth of information about the archetypes, symbols, and metaphors that inform your (inner) world.