What’s my next step?

the power of being heard

I liked how Debra replayed my own words. I felt like finally I was being heard. Her view on my chart really helped me to see I’m on the right track and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Astrological coaching produces fantastic results but it isn't for everyone.

Equally, not every coach and client make a good fit.


If you would like to explore what might be your next step toward reaching your full potential, please contact me to book a 30-minute complimentary exploratory session


As always, the fine print matters and so please check out my Terms & Conditions. 


one time fee
£ 225
3 one-hour coaching sessions
Develop strategy for a specific challenge or issue
Limited Astrology
Limited eMail support between sessions
one time fee
£ 450
5 one-hour coaching sessions
Develop overall strategy for positive and sustainable change
More Astrology
Unlimited eMail support between sessions
per month/ renewed quarterly
Monthly coaching sessions
For existing clients this is an opportunity gain extended coaching support to revise existing strategies and develop new ones in real time
Unlimited Astrology
Unlimited Support