Stay cool & detached


  • How would you describe what’s going on?

  • What do you make of it?

  • What options does it create for you?

new moon

The Full Moon is often an intense period for everyone. If in doubt, consider the origins and meaning of words like lunacyloony, and lunatic. This is a time to take more care than usual, especially to keep the lid on your emotions least they take you someplace you don’t want to go.

On 23 November (5:40 AM GMT) this Full Moon in Gemini will be the perfect time to look at all your projects through a different, more detached, lens.

Sit back and calmly observe what’s going on around you. Look for clues that you might previously have missed. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly clairvoyant or intuitive, by the light of this full moon you’ll be able to gain valuable insight and you might well be awfully surprised about that which you find.

Whatever happens, remain cool and detached.

Remember, if in this period of lunacy, you need drive more carefully and keep a lid on your emotions, then other people should do the same. But chances are good that most of them won’t so watch from the sidelines, take careful notes, and for the time being, don’t get involved.


Great expectations

  • What do you make of it?

  • What resonates for you?

  • How could you improve the situation?


SO in SG

On 22 November, the Sun enters Sagittarius where he will remain for a month.

This period will enjoy an excess of everything, most importantly optimism, expectations, and enthusiasm.

Now is the time to follow your inspiration – if you truly believe that you can make the world better a better place then go for it. Inner strength is at an all-time high and you can expect the fruits of your labours to be both bountiful and tangible – especially if you remain disciplined, organised, and pay attention to detail.

  • Beware, however, that this may be more difficult than usual – not the least because at the moment, the world is flush with potential.
  • Often, with this energy, there’s a temptation to sit back laze away the days – but, honestly, that would be a mistake.
  • Remember Aesop’s Fable about the grasshopper who spent the summer singing whilst the ant worked hard to store up food for the coming winter? Months later, when the starving grasshopper begs the ant for food, he’s refused. The moral of the story is to make hay while the sun shines because winter is coming and, of course, it is.

If ever there was a time for potential to become reality, it’s whilst the Sun is in Sagittarius.

Upon reconsideration


  • What do you make of it?

  • What part of the situation have you not yet explored?

  • How else could you handle this?

ME in RE

On 17 November, Mercury turns retrograde for nearly three weeks.

But contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that everything regarding communication and transport will, necessarily, go wrong.

What it does mean is if you’re traveling, it pays to re-check your connections and when you’ve drafted an email, it pays to reread it before sending.

Equally, it means that, from time to time, it pays to rethink where you’ve been and where you’re headed because, as you know, everything is not always as it might appear.

  • This period of Mercury retrograde is perfect to reconsider whether the resources upon which you plan to rely are still available.
  • You may wish to review whether your plans have grown too large, too unwieldy, to be effectively realised.
  • You might also think about whether there is some angle to your plans that you’ve not fully explored.

Finally, it’s worth reconsidering whether, in order to meet your agenda, you’re unfairly using up the time and energy of others.  Equally, you might reconsider whether your time and energy is being unfairly used by someone else.


Satisfied contentment


  • What’s stopping you?

  • What assumptions are you making?

  • What will you think about this period five years from now?

MA in PIAll good questions and important for your consideration now because on 15th November, Mars enters Pisces where he will remain until the end of the year.

Mars is the planet symbolising personal energy and vitality and in Pisces, where everything is fluid, most of us can expect a period of emotional contentment and satisfaction to radiate into every aspect of life.

Enjoy this time of warmth and optimism for what it is, but don’t get too cosy. When Mars moves into Aries on 1st January 2019, the energy will be altogether different.

Also, take care not to sabotage this pleasant time with negative self-talk. It’s all too easy to convince yourself that you don’t deserve to enjoy your life.

Equally, it’s possible to ruin this period through over-indulgence. Remember that when we over-do anything (i.e. eating, drinking, sexual promiscuity), it is often not so much from pure enjoyment but instead from reaching out for anything that we think may make us feel better.

If ever there was a time for renew your enthusiasm for the contented life, it’s whilst Mars is in Pisces.

How will you use it?

Time to rise and shine

  • What does your intuition tell you?

  • What is the opportunity here?

  • What is the challenge?

recline woman

All good questions and on 8th November, Jupiter enters Sagittarius where he will remain for the next twelve months, you’ll be in good stead to answer them.

For most of you, this will be a time to shine, especially if your Sun, rising sign, or natal Jupiter is in Sagittarius. This presents a true opportunity for authenticity as you’ve not known in a very long time. Opportunities abound. Horizons broaden. Blockages fall to the wayside, often with lightning-bolt speed and spontaneity.

Change is in the air

  • Do take risks, but do so carefully. Check the small print. Get the whole story. Not everything that glitters is gold and if you’ve had trouble telling the difference in the past, then you’ll undoubtedly have trouble this time.
  • If something or someone seems too good to be true, it (or they) probably are. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, it is all too easy to get carried away. For sure, opportunities will arise during this time but just make sure that they really are  opportunities.
  • Just remember that even when something fabulous falls, as if from heaven, straight into your lap, it will still take some old-fashioned hard work to make it pay-off to your benefit. Even though during the next twelve months, it might seem to be otherwise, there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

If ever there was a time to rise to the occasion it’s whilst Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

How will you use it?


New Moon in Scorpio

  • What’s possible?

  • What would it look like?

  • What would it mean to have it come true?

new moon

Did you know that for the two weeks following a New Moon, everything grows more quickly?

That makes the New Moon the perfect time to begin projects and with this New Moon in Scorpio on 7th November (16:03 GMT), it’s time to begin that project with a genuine smile.

Smiling not only helps you to feel better, but it helps others to feel good too. When you smile, you invite others to draw closer, make contact, and get to know you and your ideas better.

Smile at someone and see if they smile back at you.

So, whether your new project involves colleagues at work, loved ones at home, or someone whom you’ve never before met, your smile shows them that whatever  brings you together, you intend it to have a warm and friendly outcome.

Honesty is the best policy


  • What do you mean?

  • How does it feel?

  • Can you say more?

ME in SG_

All good questions and, on 31st October, when Mercury enters Sagittarius where he will remain until the beginning of January, you’ll be in position to answer them.

During this period, you need to address issues as they arise – swiftly and directly. Be open and honest – say it like it is – both good and bad – but please, don’t go overboard because if you do, it will be difficult to backtrack.

Do not let situations fester.

Usually, the only thing that comes from procrastination is anxiety. Letting something stew, only delays the inevitable. This does not mean that you ought to speak without thinking any more than it means that you ought not to ‘sleep on it’ before taking action.

It does mean that we do more harm than good when we fail to be honest and direct in our communication. Don’t be too proud to say the truth when it needs to be said but do consider how best to say it.

But remember – this is not the time to indulge yourself by airing every grievance. Neither is it the time to sit silently on the sidelines and play the victim or martyr.

If ever there was a time to set things to rights, it’s whilst Mercury is in Sagittarius.

What will you choose to do?