by the light of the moon…

At 15:55 GMT today, 19 February, we will enjoy the full moon in Virgo.

Any full moon brings fruition and with this one, you can expect an experience that reveals the ‘true picture’ of something or someone. This may be good or it may be bad – depending on whether you’ve been idealising the situation.

by the light of the (full) moon…

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover but nine times out of ten, that’s just what we do. Part of the reason, of course, is that it’s easy. It’s also human nature. 

But what lies within may be very different from what’s apparent on the surface.

By the light of this (full) moon, look carefully and answer honestly, what really is going on.

  • What aspect of the situation have you not yet explored?
  • What is just one more possibility?
  • Where will this lead and is it where you want to go?

When the fog clears…

Now is the time to drop back and regroup.

The Sun has moved into Pisces.

Pisces contains all of that which has come into being and is now being dissolved.

The goal is to wipe the slate clean so as to start again, fresh.

Although this may sound great, if often doesn’t feel that way. This is because Pisces carries a whiff of something beyond memory, something hovering on the borders of consciousness that obstinately refuses to become overtly manifest.

To make the best of this time, you need to step aside from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take time out to embrace the confusion. If you’re lost, admit it. Do whatever is necessary to get your bearings again. If you don’t, then how can expect to head off again in the right direction once the Piscean fog clears?

When the fog clears, which direction will you take?

  • If you could start over again, what would you do?
  • How will you pull all this together?
  • What does your intuition tell you?

Hot to Handle

Today, Mars enters Taurus. 

You’d expect this to mean things will be mellow.

Unfortunately for the next couple of weeks, Mars is in close contact with Uranus and that spells potential trouble.

Together, Mars & Uranus will be too hot to handle.

Mars, the red planet, rules both anger and action. Although he is essential in our lives (if we’re not to be pushovers), unless he’s handled properly he can get us into big trouble. When Mars combines with Uranus the energy moves up a few notches and becomes wilfully rebellious or, in some cases, simply too hot to handle.

So from now through the first week of March, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, before taking action ask yourself:

  • What is the best use of my energy right now?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to defuse the situation?

The good news is that during the second half of March, the prevailing energy should even out and least until April, things should be more stable.

Never tell a lie…

With Mercury now moving into Pisces (where it remains until April), communications of all sorts flow easily. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll be properly understood. Indeed, it’s probable that they won’t be and for a most intriguing reason.

With this influence, there is a tendency to think or feel one thing but to say something completely different. 

Saying one thing but thinking something different

The best way to find out what’s really going on is to pay close attention – not to the words, but to the bigger picture. 

  • Watch body language – indeed all nonverbal cues.
  • If someone is fidgeting whilst they talk and/or refuses to make and hold eye contact, there’s a good reason.
  • Similarly, if someone is vague in their answers, press for details. If they are not forthcoming, that tells you something right there.
  • Likewise, if someone is trying too hard to fill in the blanks, you ought to be suspicious.
  • Feigning indifference or boredom also is a clue. 

When all else fails, trust your gut instinct.

If something inside you says that something is wrong, then it probably is and even if it isn’t, there’s no harm in being on your guard.

What’s really going on in your relationship?

Relationships are hard work.

What you expected to see is not what you get.

Part of the reason for this is the psychological phenomena known as projection, an automatic process where the contents of your own unconscious is perceived to be in others.

For example, if you’re angry at someone but for a variety of reasons, can’t express it, you might ‘project’ your anger onto that other person and then be surprised when you end up the victim of his or her aggression. 

There are typical places in your natal, or birth chart, that are ripe for projection, most notably planets in your 7th house (house of partnerships, intimate and business). For example, consider a woman with Venus (symbolizing that which she values) in her 7th house. It would not be unexpected to hear her say that she leaves important decisions to her husband because she’s unsure what she really wants.

The tell-tale signs of projection include strong and uncomfortable (or fearful) reactions to someone or something – an extra emotional charge that seems out of proportion in the situation. Such reactions may have a luminous or amorphous quality i.e. they just don’t make sense – rather like falling in love, which apparently itself is a projection.

Another problem with relationships is that people get to know the other’s ‘buttons’ and ‘press’ them at will. Equally, they can press these buttons unwittingly and be angry and confused with the reaction of their partner was not at all what they intended. Astrologically, we can zoom in on these buttons using what we call synastry that compares close aspects formed between your natal chart and that of another.

For example, if your Venus were to form a tight aspect to your partner’s Saturn, then every time you express your innate charm and grace, it would annoy him. You’d compensate by being even more charming and he’d up the ante with being cold and rejecting. Over time, this develops into a recognisable pattern that seems to take on a life of its own.

We can even create a brand new third chart, or composite chart, that reflects your relationship as if it were a separate entity unto itself.  This is different than synastry (as discussed above) which looks at how each of you impact the other. Instead, the composite chart represents the relationship as a whole, giving insight into the dynamics upon which that relationship will function. 

For example, with Moon/Uranus contacts in your composite chart, your relationship is likely to create more excitement than stability. With Moon/Saturn contacts, you’ll probably have trouble communicating with each other at a feeling level. But with Moon/Mars, strong feelings will come easier albeit with a double-edged effect. Moon/Mercury will make communications about your feelings easy, albeit in a detached and rational way. But if you have Moon/Pluto contacts, the sheer intensity of the bond between the two of you make often make it too ‘hot’ to handle.

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With this new moon, it is not the time to loose your cool

Today, 4 th February, at 21:05 GMT we will enjoy the new moon in Aquarius. For the next couple of weeks, it’s time to talk about organisation, power, and leadership again.

Cool rationality isn’t just one of the blessings you can expect from this time, it’s an absolute necessity. 

Emotional intelligence (i.e. being aware of emotions – other’s and your own and how they drive behaviour) is more than de rigueur. It can make all the difference between success and failure.

Emotional Intelligence can make all the difference between success and failure

In all matters (and especially in business dealings) you must strike the balance between head and heart. Shouting will not get people to do their jobs well. Likewise, burnout and depression won’t help you to do yours well either.

You may be ‘master of the universe’ but you still need a break now and then.

When you feel life spinning out of control, Spend a a few minutes listening to some soft, soothing music. As you relax, imagine the music vibrating with a message of universal empowerment and peace.

Equally, you might get yourself an Emotional Capital Report, which is designed to to provide you with essential information about your leadership potential based on your emotional intelligence. For more information, click here.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

Venus in Capricorn – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Whilst Venus was in Sagittarius, it was all smiles and giggles. Now things will start to get serious when on 3 February, Venus moves into Capricorn.

For the next few weeks, partnerships and important relationships of every kind will be characterised by self-control, presence of mind, and a sense of duty and responsibility. Loyalty is back in style.

This has great potential for reward, however, especially on the 18-19th of February.

Think diamonds?

A bit later in the month, around 23-24th February, things may get a bit intense (Venus conjoins Pluto). Resist the temptation to push emotional buttons and instigate power plays. If you do, the situation could get uglier than ever you could have imagined. Likewise, do not respond in like kind if you’re on the receiving end of this.

Instead, do yourself a favour and take a deep breath, keep your head down and mouth shut.

On 2nd of March, when Venus shifts into Aquarius, you can expect some breathing space. 

The Sad Truth about Soul Mates

In Plato’s Symposium, we learn that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head with two faces.  But Zeus, most powerful of the Greek gods, feared the humans’ power and tore them asunder, condemning them to eternally search for the other half of themselves – their soul mate.

That’s as good as any explanation for the magical, mystical, and most importantly – fated – union you can feel in the presence of another.   For many, it’s the most beautiful, moving, and transformative experience for which one could ever hope.  

So why is it that – more likely than not – it will all end in tears?

Soulmate encounters usually end in tears

Astrologically, the ‘soul mate’ phenomenon is inevitably bound up with Neptune – which moves in mysterious, illusive ways.  Neptune is counter logical and doesn’t play by the rules.  Neptune is of another world, luring us into pursuit of a glamorous dream that takes us to places we’d never otherwise willingly have gone. We all need some glamour in our lives.  But when the dream is over you need to move on.

Does this mean you can never have a long-term relationship with your ‘soul mate’? 

Of course not.

What it does mean is that you want to make it work, you’ll need to understand the dynamics in play and have a plan.

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • The sheer strength of the sexual pull between these two ensures trouble– Mars/Neptune.
  • Being at the heart of that intoxicating feeling of ‘being in love’, this aspect has provided poetic inspiration since the beginning of time – Venus/Neptune.
  • The dialogue between these two is poetic and inspired yet sadly usually ends in misunderstandings and quarrels – Mercury/Neptune.
  • This aspect involves a profound sense of shared religious and spiritual values that when it goes wrong (as it usually does), disillusionment follows – Jupiter/Neptune.
  • At the base of this aspect, is a feeling of stability, sympathy, and safety but as the bond cements, intolerable possessiveness sets in – Moon/Neptune
  • Although this aspect has the greatest potential to provide a tangible sense of hope and faith, initially it is characterized by intense anger and emotional pain – Saturn/ Neptune.


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Cement your plans

Since the beginning of January,  Mercury has been in Capricorn and you’ve had a good chance to put your ideas to the test.

Now, with Mercury moving in Aquarius (where it remains until mid-February), you have the chance to cement those ideas into concrete plans and to position them correctly.


The key to making the best of this period is to ensure that your plans are both rational and organized. They should benefit not just yourself but others as well. Indeed, the more socially progressive your plans, the greater likelihood of their happy fruition.

Avoid, however, the impulse to push your agenda too hard. During this period, taking on board the constructive comments of others can only strengthen your cause.

By contrast, taking a rigid approach (i.e. my way or no way) will not help. Indeed, such an attitude could cause your plans to spin out of your control.

In other words, communicate wisely.

Want to brush up on your presentation skills?

Consider coaching.

An Eye to the Future

Myths express archetypal motifs that play out in human experience.

Myths exert tremendous influence (albeit unconsciously) in the choices we make each and every day.

Why not do yourself a favour and look in more depth at the myths closely related to your astrological sun sign? After all, your astrological (or natal) Sun is where you shine, where you play centre-stage.

Here’s a pertinent myth for those of you who were born under the sign of Aquarius.

What can you learn from it about you and what makes you tick?


Prometheus is an altruistic demigod with the gift of foresight. Seeing primitive man unable to keep warm or cook his meat, Prometheus went to Mount Olympus and stole holy fire from the gods to give to mankind.

Are you too, Aquarius, caught between your vision of how things should be versus what they are today?

Zeus, the king of the gods, was displeased with the initiative of Prometheus and punished him for his humanitarian acts. Not only did he make the visionary an outcast, but he also chained him to a rock where an eagle tears out his liver, anew, each and every day.

Are you, Aquarius, rarely thanked when you act as the catalyst for progressive change? Do you feel alien in a world into which you’d secretly love to fit? Can you accept that the life of a visionary will never be easy? How might you avoid taking too narrow and rigid a position in your zeal for reform?



Valuable insight

As I’m moving forward with changing gears, I found self-doubt getting in the way. Astrology helped me understand more about myself and that was incredibly helpful. Insight is my best friend.