Reclaiming lost parts of yourself

It’s only natural to assume that others are as you imagine.  But because of the psychological phenomena known as ‘projection’, it’s more complicated than that. Projection is an automatic process whereby the contents of your unconscious are perceived by you to be within others. For example, if you’re angry with your boss but can’t openly express

How astrology works

Some wonder how astrology could work if it’s based on the incorrect notion that the sun and stars revolve about the earth rather than vice versa. Fair point. However, it’s not the science but the symbolism of astrology that answers that question. The Fourfold Interpretation of the Symbol used in modern Western astrology is based

When Positive Change Fails

Last year, as the result of coaching, you’d identified some behaviours you wanted to change. To be honest, you’d never really give much thought to this stuff, but your spouse, boss, and best friend kept nagging about you losing your temper over nothing. For a few months, all went well and you were pleased with