Enter Gemini

At least in part, this is the reason why a recent study found that nearly 37% of workplace respondents reported symptoms of anxiety in the past year. At least in part, this is also the reason those existentialists warned us that in reality, our fantasy mind games will not save us – those fantasy mind games we play that make it appear as if constraints outside our control are running the show.


The concept of Intentionality comes from the work of the early 20th century existentialist philosopher, Edmund Husserl. His specialty was phenomenology, or the science of looking ‘to the things in themselves’. He believed that intentionality dictates the way in which we interact with our world. Sadly, more often than not our intentionality is fueled by the willy-nilly meanings we’ve assigned to the people and things that comprise our world as if we were operating on auto-pilot.

Buzzing with Brilliant Ideas

Dear Taurus: Ready to shed that stereotype of being a placid, coach-potato? Buzzing with brilliant ideas about simple, practical solutions to implementing change? Can you imagine joining ranks with some of the amazing Taurus women who have come before you: Charlotte Bronte, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great? Opportunity Back in May 2018, Uranus, theContinue reading “Buzzing with Brilliant Ideas”

Exercises in Good Judgment

Consider yourself a good listener?   If you are, then that’s very good news indeed. Obviously, none of us can afford to exercise poor judgement – especially now – and research is clear that the exercise of good judgment requires good listening and communication skills.  Unfortunately, even for those of us who are usually good listeners/communicators,Continue reading “Exercises in Good Judgment”