Some assume that astrology implies an acceptance of fate and the denial of free will. However, contrary to the suggestion of Sun Sign columns in your local newspaper, the ‘fate’ implied by astrology is far more complex than simply a destiny ‘written in the stars’.

In this sense, ‘fate’ does not mean that you are subjected to preordained events. Instead, ‘fate’ lies with the interchange of your deepest needs, fears, and desires, each of which is accessible through astrological symbolism.

Although astrology cannot predict what will happen, it can shed light on what is most likely to happen. Free will is implicit every step of the way. Yet, surely it is not a huge leap of faith to suggest that choices made today will lead to consequences for tomorrow?

Is it not equally reasonable that although the self-aware individual may enjoy some real measure of control in her life, another person, less self-aware, will not?

#ASTROLOGICALCOACHING is a unique blend of traditional astrology with state-of-the art coaching techniques designed to help you gain that all important self-awareness and conscious control:

  1. The first step is to flush out what exactly is going on for you right now. There are many fantastic astrological techniques to achieve this and one of the quickest and most reliable, is to focus not on your natal Sun, but on your Moon.
  2. Next, having identified what’s not working now, you will explore what you’d like to be different for the future. Astrology keeps on you track, ensuring you remain always true to yourself and your values.
  3. The next step is making all this happen and again, astrology weighs in by quickly focusing on your personal strengths as well as suggesting how you can best use them to maximum advantage.
  4. Finally, you take all you’ve achieved in coaching back into the world and, not surprisingly, astrology proves invaluable again by helping you launch the new you at just the right time.

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