Shakespeare wrote that the world is a stage and that men and women are its players.  Your natal chat is a template for that, complete with stage set (houses), cast of characters (planets), costumes (zodiac signs), and plot/theme (planetary strengths & weaknesses).

Some believe that astrology implies an acceptance of fate and a denial of free and sometimes that’s how it happens. But if you’re willing to open your eyes and take a good look at what’s really going on, you can can reclaim your place in the driver’s seat. After all, as a human you are complex and it’s only to be expected that sooner or later the unacknowledged dimensions of your psyche will achieve expression.

Although astrology cannot predict what will happen, it does shed light on what’s most likely to happen unless and until you take control of your life.

Self-awareness leads to your most valuable asset, self-knowledge.

Self investment. Young woman with many ideas

Raising client self-awareness is one of the twelve key competencies set forth in the Association for Coaching (AC) Guidelines (Rev. June 2012) and for good reason.

Research suggests that self-awareness boils down to either (1) internal awareness of your  values, passions, strengths, and weaknesses or (2) external awareness of how others view you. Surprisingly, these two share nothing in common unless you actively work to balance them. Indeed, it’s likely that you will, naturally, be proficient in one and deficient in the other.

Research also suggests that self-awareness is not a ‘clutch of soft skills’ which can be achieved by meditation, journaling, or even contemplation. Instead it’s a ‘data-gathering and processing skill’ that can be taught and learned and this is precisely what coaching, especially astrological coaching with its inbuilt template of your unique nature, is designed to achieve.

Not sure that you ‘believe’ in astrology?

To benefit from my unique coaching approach which is built upon the classic Narrative Coaching model, you don’t need to believe in anything other than yourself.

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