Astrology and you

 There are 12 Basic Paths of Potentiality

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Could a cat become a dog or vice versa?

I don’t think so, do you?

I think that the reality is that dogs and cats must be authentic, unfolding according to their true nature. Our pets don’t have a choice to be other than they are, but, unfortunately, you do.

Yet when you trust in your authentic self, you inspire trust in others. When you make choices in line with your authentic values, you gain confidence. When your actions are in accord with how you honestly feel, you literally shine from within not to mention how much you increase your credibility with others. Have you known people who, for whatever reason, tried to be something that he or she wasn’t? What did you think of him or her?

Mind, this doesn’t mean that you can do anything – or be anyone – that you want any more than it suggests that you can disregard the reality of your situation. What it does mean is that you’re open and honest, ready to question all of your assumptions. It also means that you are unconditionally committed to being yourself rather than what others might otherwise have you to be.

Tough work?

it was fun

I felt completely supported during our sessions – they were ‘fun’ – and Debra’s quirky, creative style resonated with me.


Maybe, maybe not, but here's a hot tip.

One of the oldest and most reliable ways to develop yourself is through astrology. What could be more unique - more authentic - than your natal, or birth, chart, which is set for the exact time and place that you came into being?

Not sure that you 'believe' in astrology?

To benefit from my unique blend of astrological coaching, you don't need to believe in anything other than yourself.