The Narrative Coaching model is a curious mix of the Person-Centred (Rogerian) and Gestalt coaching models. It also brings in a touch of Existential coaching in that it challenges you to be all that you can be rather than being like someone else.

The idea is that you, my client, already have all your own answers and that my job is to create a safe, supportive environment to facilitate you accessing them.

  • The first step is to identify the troublesome narratives you’re currently telling yourself  -i.e. “I can never win” or “people never listen to me.”
  • The second step is to understand why and how you got stuck in this pattern.
  • Next, we explore how your new narratives will be different, always keeping in mind that these must be designed to better serve your aspirations and goals.
  • Finally, we employ appropriate techniques to ensure that your new & improved stories will be your ‘go-to’ narratives for the future. The last thing that either of us want is for you to slip back into unproductive past patterns.

Overall, the process looks like this:



What’s going on?

Untitled design-6



What caused this to happen?




What are you going to do about it?




What will change as the result?


Add astrology to this already incredibly powerful model, and we’ve got a real winner. Astrology not only helps you to progress faster but it also adds the key element of timing. As you already know, there are times that you passionately desire change but just can’t achieve it and there are other times when it lands in your lap, like it or not.

Want to see if you’re ready for astrological coaching?

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