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17-18 August

With the Sun and Moon both in Leo, today’s new Moon energy is marked by that of the Celtic sacred tree spirit, the Hazel.

Celtic lore is inextricably linked with the spiritual traditions of the ancient order of priests known as the Druids. Their religion was driven by their appreciation of nature as well as their belief in a creator whose emanation was beyond comprehension. The consort of their god, Celi, whose name means ‘concealing’, is the lunar goddess Ceridwen. The only begotten son of the couple, is the Sun.

The hazel nut in Celtic tradition is a symbol of concentrated wisdom. It represents that which is both sweet and compact, enclosed in a small hard shell – hence the expression, ‘the matter in a nut-shell’. The Druids used hazel wands for all types of divination, but mostly to find secret water sources.

Imagine: A hazel tree grows next to a crystal-clear pond, fed by a beautiful natural spring. The nuts from the tree are dropping into the pool and feeding the salmon, a magical symbol of knowledge for the Druids. A handsome youth dressed in green and gold sits by to the pool. Next to him lies an open book. But his gaze is not on the book but instead on the swimming salmon. The youth understands that the wisdom he seeks is not to be found in books but instead in the world around him, a world ablaze with secret hieroglyphs and symbols and it is this young man’s intention to master them.

Learning: All that glitters is not gold and today and tomorrow you’d do well to appreciate the difference.

19-20 August

With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Virgo, the energy is marked by that of the Celtic sacred tree spirit, the Vine.

The Druids, the ancient priesthood that inspired Celtic tradition, honoured a sacred trinity, the source of which was not the Sun, but their creator god, Celi. The three rays or emanations from the god symbolised three distinct domains or dimensions, arguably the most important of which was the astral plane of the underworld where souls awaited their next incarnation.

Although not strictly speaking a tree, the Vine is a climbing shrub growing profusely over the doorway to the mysterious castle of Arianrhod, wherein was found the seat of Annwn, centre of the Celtic mysteries of the astral plane.

Imagine: Four white swans wearing crowns of gold swim in the misty moat surrounding the castle. The vine guarding the entrance to the castle is filled with the wild flowering herb Valerian, known to the Druids as ‘all heal’. In this powerfully evocative scene, there is an honest need for healing. The four swans had once been the beloved children of Lir, a Danaan divinity. But when their jealous stepmother, Aoife, plotted their demise, their priviledged lives were irrevocably altered. Luckily, their resourceful eldest sister, Fionnuala, long suspicious of the stepmother’s motives, had formed a contingency plan. As the result, instead of being murdered as the stepmother had plotted, the children were transformed into swans who not unlike the souls at Annwn awaiting reincarnation, anticipate the moment they will rise from the misty moat and restore the lost Danaan traditions.   

Learning: Never underestimate all that which might go wrong; always have a contingency plan.

21-22 August

With the Sun shifting from Leo to Virgo but the Moon remaining constant in Libra, the energy is marked by that of the Celtic sacred tree spirit, the Ivy.

In Celtic tradition, faeries known as the Sidhe (pronounced shee) are an important ancestral link with the ancient gods, the Tuatha Dannans, a race of immortals living in Ireland and Britain before the arrival of the Celts around 1015 BC. Although the Celts seized power, they did not banish the Dannans, who they continued to hold in high regard. Using their magical arts of invisibility, the Dannans withdrew into elaborate earth mounds or faery hills, where perhaps they still remain a source of ancient wisdom.

Like the Vine, the Ivy is also not a tree but a climbing shrub. Unlike the Vine, however, the Ivy is an evergreen and so is perfect for covering and concealing the ruins of an ancient temple wherein it is rumoured that strange things do go bump in the night.

Imagine: The tiny figures of the Sidhe dance wildly in the moonlight. Resembling humans in every physical respect, these immortal creatures are both gifted and extremely beautiful. Deriving their power from enchantment and sorcery, these faerie folk have inspired dreamy myths like those of Merlin and Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend. Perhaps it is because they are oft depicted riding butterflies that the Sidhe are associated with metamorphic transition? In many traditions, their appearance is considered to be a harbinger of death as well as the hope of resurrection.

Learning: Dare to dream a dream that takes you beyond everyday rational thinking and material reality.

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