Riding the Big Wave / Danger & Thrills in Action

Have you have ever found yourself becoming increasingly irritable in a situation even though rationally – on the surface – there seems no reason for it? Such situations are potentially both dangerous and explosive and they are especially so right now.

Today and tomorrow and through the rest of this week, we’ll all be confronting the powerful, hostile, and potentially violent dynamic of Mars meeting up with Uranus in a challenging square aspect.

This is characterized by an impulsive need to TAKE ACTION NOW, to ride the BIG WAVE – relish the THRILL – to DEFY BOUNDARIES even if set for our own benefit/protection. This is the essence of ‘carpe diem’ – or ‘seize the day’ – but remember that day can be seized either for better or worse and here is the reason.

  • Most of us believe that we have ‘one self’ but in reality, we have two different ‘selves’, each run by a separate operating system from different parts of our brain. The ‘self’ of which we are most aware – the ‘self’ that intended to remain calm and collected in the situation is run by our pre-frontal cortex and mediated through our parasympathetic nervous system.
  • But the second ‘self’ is run by our amygdala, a small almond-shaped cluster of nuclei in our mid-brain, which is mediated by our sympathetic nervous system. This second ‘self’ takes control whenever we perceive a threat of danger; it’s reactive, impulsive, and operates largely outside our conscious control.

It’s this second ‘self’ that is likely to be stimulated by the current Mars/Uranus dynamic which is capable of making us perceive threats/dangers even when in reality, there are none.

The best way to keep this under control and avoid reckless/foolish behavior that we will regret is to watch for negative emotions such as impatience, frustration, and anger. When they are on the rise, it’s a strong signal that you’re giving way to the second self. 

Also watch for times when your digging in your heels – for moments when the compulsion to take action -no matter what – feels overwhelming.

When this happens, stop! Take a deep breath and smile and perhaps even walk away. Think of something that reminds you of a time when you were very happy and cultivate the position emotions that come as the result.

Studies have shown that positive emotions do more than just make us feel good – they have real potential to cancel out those negative emotions that were almost going to get you into trouble.

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Formerly an American lawyer specialising in international tax, I'm now an astrologer, novelist, and aspiring life coach.

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