Corona Virus & Grief

In the wake of the corona virus, we are left with a range of emotions from helpless and hopeless to victimized and abused. Specialists advise that as confusing as it seems, what this mishmash of emotions really boils down to is grief. Specialists also advise that it’s important for us to acknowledge this grief and work through it best we can. If we are successful, then we’ll find both acceptance and meaning in this difficult experience and, as the result, be able to move on to a happier, brighter place.

Grief is not just about the loss of loved ones but instead it is about the loss of anything to which we have become attached. When circumstances beyond our control snatch these things away from us, we are required to radically reorient ourselves to the world, to our lives, and this can feel overwhelmingly painful if not downright impossible.

Psychologically, we ought not to be surprised that grief triggers early separation issues. Attachment theory as espoused by the likes of John Bowley suggest that as infants, we first need to attach and then separate from our primary caregivers. As is often the case, if this process does not work well during infancy, we’ll continue to have separation issues throughout adulthood. This in turn, may radically effect how we deal with loss and grief. For example, if you failed to adequately attach to your primary caregiver, you’re likely to be less effected by grief and loss that someone who did attach.By contrast, if we do attach and then fail to adequately separate, we may struggle to deal with grief and loss more than others through our entire lives.

Astrologically, you can learn much about how you deal with separation issues, and by implication loss and grief, by looking at your Moon and the aspects made to it by other planets.  

For example, if your Moon made a close aspect to Saturn, you may have completely failed to bond with your caretakers and as the result tend to see the world as cold, harsh, and lonely. You might also have this experience if your Moon were in either Capricorn or Aquarius, signs ruled by Saturn. If this were the case, then feelings of grief and loss may not affect you as harshly as it would if, for example, your Moon made aspects with Neptune or is in Pisces. In second this instance, the bond formed with initial caregivers might have been so strong that it was virtually impossible to break. As the result, your experience with grief and loss may be so overwhelming that you seek solace from food, drink, or other addictions – anything to avoid facing the pain.

As you can imagine, other factors symbolized in your chart besides your Moon will weigh in on how you naturally experience grief and loss as well as how you might best approach dealing with it. But deal with it you must. One final word from the specialists: fighting our feelings of grief will not work because our bodies will continue to produce those feelings until we acknowledge and deal with them.

Seeking Some Help

When seeking assistance in dealing with feelings of loss and grief, it is important to remember than counseling is not the same as coaching. One of the primary distinctions is that unlike counseling, coaching does not focus on the past but instead on the future. Unlike counseling, coaching cannot and will not help you to work through any separation issues you may have. Instead, coaching aims to help you to gain clarity about your situation by offering you a safe space to relax to both talk and think. Coaching also encourages you to take ‘action’ to facilitate desired ‘change’. Often this safe space and a comfortable conversation is all that you need to get moving again but sometimes it is not. This means that in some cases, your coach may recommend that you undertake counseling and if that happens, please keep in mind that this is not a stigma or an accusation, but an acknowledgement that coaching alone cannot always help.

If you would like to try coaching – as opposed to counseling – to deal with your current situation here is your opportunity:

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