At the Heart of the Sun

At this time of the year, it’s tempting to make grand announcements regarding intentions for the coming year. It’s as if simply by sharing them, we’re ensuring that they will enfold exactly as planned.

Usually, such strategy is a good one. But this year, it would be a grave mistake.

This is because two days ago the planet Jupiter aligned perfectly with the heart of the Sun, in Capricorn.

Classical astrologers know this moment as Cazimi – when Jupiter is absorbed and greatly empowered by the Sun. Sounds fabulous and it is! Imagine the power surge standing at the very center, the essence of all earthly things. Yet because in Capricorn, Jupiter is in ‘fall’, this also a time of great danger. When a planet is in fall, all that has been gained can easily be lost and the higher one has climbed, the farther her fall.

Thus the wise woman will be modest in announcing her expectations for the coming year. She understands now is not the time to draw attention to herself, to flaunt her skills and gifts. She remembers that, sadly, everyone has enemies and that she is no exception to the rule. She also remembers that in times of danger, it is inadvisable to draw out one’s enemies.

Instead the wise woman will keep her light hidden, her head down. Rather than making grand stands, she will remain quietly committed to accomplishing her goal.

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Formerly an American lawyer specialising in international tax, I'm now an astrologer, novelist, and aspiring life coach.

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