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What would you give to be able paint an accurate picture of the quality of time in your life right now?

One of the best ways to do just that uses the ancient classical technique known as Directing by Triplicity.

The idea is to look at the main luminary in your chart and it’s three classical triplicity rules (by element) and examine their ‘condition’ in your chart.

The 1st triplicity ruler governs the first 1/3 of your life, the 2nd triplicity ruler governs the second 1/3 of your life and of course the 3rd triplicity ruler governs the final 1/3 of your life. There are no hard and fast rules regarding when one moves from one life phase to another but generally the first transition occurs around aged 30 years and the last transition about aged 60 years.

In my chart, the main luminary is the Moon because I was born at night. My Moon is in Gemini, and so the triplicity rulers (of air) are Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter (in that order).

As I’m now in the final 1/3 of my life, Jupiter is running the show. In my chart, Jupiter is also in Gemini (in detriment) in my 12th house (cadent).

To find out more about what this means for me, I consult the appropriate ancient texts, including the Liber Hermetis, which was translated from Latin into English by Robert Zoller (Project Hindsight):

  • My Jupiter is considered to be in the ‘boundlessness’ of the Moon and hence lacking the necessary structure to build ‘benefits’ of a lasting nature.
  • This Jupiter is at its possible best when marching to the beat of a different ‘drum beat’ – i.e. pursing that which is alternative, not mainstream.
  • It is likely that, during this time in my life, I will make my livelihood from ‘words, ‘numbers’ and even ‘sorceries’. Likewise, I may work ‘with celestial things’ and become a ‘prophet of the future’.
  • Beware, however, because my Jupiter is in the ‘terms’ of Saturn, whatever I’ve gained in the past could be now lost.

Much of this sounds more than plausible, especially now that, after 35 plus years as an international tax lawyer, I’m working as an astrological coach and as much as I love astrology and coaching, the transition has not been easy.

The good news is that however debilitated my Jupiter might be, it does ‘plug into the angles’ of my chart and has real possibility for me to accomplish my goals if, of course, I can find the necessary structure. Sadly, this will not be easy. Although my Jupiter and Saturn (symbolising structure) are ‘friends’ (they are in a helpful trine aspect to each other and in mutual reception by face and/or term ), Saturn benefits more from this relationship than does Jupiter (i.e. mutual reception negated by cadency).

Having recently retired from the corporate world of imposed structure, I do find it difficult creating the ‘structure’ necessary to underpin a successful astrological coaching practice. Luckily I’ve realised this and to that end am now working with coaches to help me. Rule number one when it comes to being a success – never hesitate to get help where necessary.

Finally, my Jupiter in Gemini is ruled by Mercury and as noted earlier, my Mercury has worked well for me in the past. Another ancient technique called Firdaria, suggests that on another personal front, my Mercury is really coming into its own. As with Saturn, my Jupiter is friends with Mercury (helpful trine again) and although Jupiter gets the short-end of the stick in this friendship, at least Mercury is empowered by the friendship (in the ‘terms’ of Jupiter) and so writing, (Mercury-ruled) is definitely going to be my thing!

If you’d like to learn more about how this technique can work for you, I’ve got a special offer on from now until 31 January 2020 – if you’re game, we can get started tomorrow!

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Formerly an American lawyer specialising in international tax, I'm now an astrologer, novelist, and aspiring life coach.

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