When to call your astrologer…

… and what to ask.

First and foremost, astrology is meant to help you to put your mind at ease, to understand how the turning wheel of world fortune relates to you.

For example, when you’re going through a tough time, it’s healing to be able to mark the day in your calendar when it should all be over. Equally, there are times when doors in our lives open easily and times that they remain stubbornly shut. Astrology helps you to know in advance when is the best time to launch your plans as well as advising when they remain only half-baked.


Always have an advance idea of what you want to achieve in your astrology reading. Pure speculation is never helpful and can even be dangerous. Likewise, if you have a fixed outcome in mind as to the result of the reading, don’t expect astrology to simply confirm your plans. If you’re not prepared, at least in part, to think differently as the result of a reading, then don’t book it.

There are basically two types of readings; general and topical.

GENERAL READINGS – sketch out the narrative arc of the story that is your life. Imagine how much better you will function when you have a good understanding of who you are and what you want?

But as with any sketch, the devil is in the detail and this is where mixing astrology and coaching techniques comes into its own. There’s no sense walking away from the reading filled with fabulous information that you’ve no idea how to use.

  • Psychological astrology informs your most prominent personality traits, the way that you’re most likely to see and experience the world. With this, you can walk away from a 90-minute astrology session having learned more about yourself than you might in years of therapy. Coaching helps you decide what to do with what you’ve learned.
  • Before moving forward, it’s sometimes useful to look backwards. For example, before remarrying you might want to explore reasons why your first marriage failed. Equally, you might benefit from understanding why during a particular time in your life you flourished more than at other times or why you keep repeating the same ‘mistake’ time and time again.
  • Themes tend to repeat especially when they’ve not yet been adequately dealt with.  For those believing in reincarnation, it’s not hard to see how such themes carry through multiple lifetimes. For the historians and/or geneaologists, it’s not difficult to see how these themes carry on along family lines. And how about the mysterious mix of ideas, hopes, and dreams that you share with others of your generation? What’s that all about?
  • Have you ever wondered why you behave differently with some people than with others? Do some people know just which buttons to push whilst others seem to have no idea? Why does one person respond to your entreaties whilst another ignores them? Why are you to one person and not another? Relationship astrology answers these questions and more.

TOPICAL READINGS – consist of a question or series of questions usually relating to an important decision that you’ll soon take. Naturally the more you know about the topic in question, the more informed will be your decision making.

  • Astrology mixed with coaching helps you to clarify the question and your options as well as to evaluate how, for each of those options, events are most likely to unfold.
  • Horary astrology even allows for yes and no questions – i.e. should I take this job? But please keep in mind that although astrology can provide you with all sort of insight, it can never make the decision for you.

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