Fine Old Wine

Recently I was thrilled to tour Groot Constantia, the oldest wine estate in South Africa dating back to 1685.

This special place is touted as a top tourist destination – boasting award-winning wines, world-class eateries, and extensive well-manicured grounds framed by stunning scenes of natural, rugged beauty. Indeed, this wonderful winery still has in its possession the original purchase order from Napoleon, who required thirty bottles of their award-winning Grand Constance (still in production) – a sweet and smooth fine wine with spicy undertones – to give him comfort during his exile on St Helena Island.

This is the essence of Venus in Capricorn.

In Capricorn, Venus is not in dignity but equally, she’s not debilitated. This means that she is comfortably able to express her Venusian essence as long as it is in keeping with that of her host, Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn.

Capricorn is not only a feminine sign, but also an earth sign. In so many ways, this is Venus’s favourite placement. She loves nothing more than to create and enjoy beautiful & sensuous things and the earthy signs provide her with the perfect tools to do it.

Saturn is not only ambitious but also patient and hard-working. Saturn will do whatever it takes to succeed in the task at hand. With Venus expressing herself through the lens of Capricorn, she’s also willing to work as hard as is necessary to achieve her goals and one of her most passionate goals is to create satisfying, gratifying relationships.

What might this mean for you and your relationships?

If you or your beloved have Venus in Capricorn, then the advice is to play to these particular Venusian strengths.

For the rest of us, whilst Venus is in Capricorn, look to make your relationships more robust, more structured – more EARTHY. Yet at the same time, remain always soberly dignified and like the vintners at Groot Constantia, play this like you’re in it for the long game.

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