A great fall …

At the beginning of December 2019, Jupiter entered Capricorn, the sign belonging to Saturn. He will remain in this sign for the next twelve months, an entire year.

What might this mean?

First consider that Jupiter and Saturn are natural enemies.

Jupiter expands whilst Saturn constricts, contracts, and constrains. Both these planets represent archetypal ways of being and as the result are fundamentally unable to be changed. Nonetheless, when Jupiter is in the home, or domain, of Saturn, he must find a way to expand in a Saturnian fashion.

This suggests that during the next twelve months, successful growth and expansion must be undertaken with concrete commitment, due diligence, and unwavering discipline whilst still maintaining an optimistic attitude. Don’t be surprised if this happens in fits and starts – one step backwards for every two forward. The point is to stay with it – plow ahead – with full faith in the future. If you can do this, then chances are good that by December 2020 (when Jupiter moves on to Aquarius), you’ll have achieved something of lasting value.

Beware, however, that as with everything, Jupiter in Capricorn carries a dark and dangerous side.

Jupiter, the planet of optimism, faith, and, yes, risky ventures is not happy in Capricorn, the zodiac sign of its ‘fall’. When any planet is in the sign of its ‘fall’, then that’s exactly what we may expect – a fall – of some kind- be it from grace or power or some other great and lofty height.

This should prove a warning – especially to politicians and those similarly regularly in the public eye – there is potentially a great price to pay for trying to fly (Jupiter) too high in the face of reality (Capricorn/Saturn).

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