Last evening, Ms A kept pushing and pushing until I finally got angry and told her off. Then she played the victim, visibly hurt by my ‘inability’ (or unwillingness) to control my anger, leaving me to stew about whether it was me or her, who’d been wronged.

Upon reflection, I ought not to have been surprised this happened.

That’s because Mercury (in detriment in Sagittarius) is forming a square aspect to Neptune (strong in Pisces). This aspect perfects (completes) on Friday, 20th December, but we’ll be feeling now through to Sunday, the 22nd December.

To understand what’s in play here, let’s drop back to basics:


Mercury is the god of communication and interpretation; this last point is important and one we tend to forget.

When Mercury makes an aspect with any planet, we’re given an opportunity to reinterpret a situation and the message delivered in keeping with the nature of that other planet.

Because Neptune is involved, we are invited to revisit, revise, and reinterpret that situation/message to ensure that we are grasping the truth of what it was meant to convey.


Neptune is associated with illusion and delusion, the natural enemy to truth (however defined).

It is also associate with victim consciousness, which in my understanding is a dysfunctional way we allow life to happen to us instead of being an active participant in making it happen.  

There are many reasons why we fall into this and if you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend Barry Weinhold’s book, How to Break Free of the Drama Triangle & Victim Consciousness.

But for now, let’s accept that whenever we are busy playing the role of the victim, we’re probably not in a very happy or healthy truth.

What messages might you expect to receive this week from Mercury/Neptune?

Quite possibly, you’ll have some experience like mine where you’re shown how easily you and others slip into victim consciousness. Accusations fly, blame ensues, and everyone feels worse for the encounter.

Equally, you might experience the conflict completely within yourself – sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself that because of ABC, XYZ hasn’t turned out as you’d wanted or planned.

In such cases, we can thank our lucky stars, or in this case, the planet Mercury, for giving us the opportunity to drop back and reinterpret the situation or experience in silence, in sacred time and space.

Luckily, I’ve got a couple of weeks before I’ll see Ms A again and so plan to use as wisely as possible my own sacred time and space.

If, as the result, I am willing and able to see and accept the ‘truth’ about my own role in the episode – then I stand in good stead to put it behind me and move on healed and renewed.  

If you can do the same, whatever experience/message you receive during this time, then you’ll most certainly benefit too.

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