Cut bait or Continue?


Today and tomorrow the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Aries.

The energy favors those who are energetic, resourceful, pioneering, and adventurous.

This is because Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, contributes to our sense of confidence and optimism as well as providing opportunities for expansion and growth.

In combination with Mars, the ruler of Aries, we adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude and actively and enthusiastically pursue ventures.

The problem comes when things don’t work out as planned.


This brings us to the more negative expression of Mars and Jupiter in combination.

Sure enough, you’re all fired up. This is precisely with Jupiter/Mars is all about. But because these planets currently form no aspect together (i.e. no communication/connection), its going to be really difficult knowing when to stop.

Anyone who has ever been involved with any project or relationship, be it business or personal, knows the story. What once started out as promising has now hit the rocks.

Yes, with a just a bit more money, time, and effort you might be able to turn things around. But then again, maybe, not.


Research shows that we often seem almost programmed into getting locked into a losing propositions. The question now becomes why on earth would sensible people like you and me do something as silly as that?

  • Information Bias – most of us have an uncanny ability to see only that which accords with our beliefs and so (unconsciously) turn a blind eye to any and all evidence that runs contrary to expectations.
  • Reinforcement theory – the more you perceive you’ve been rewarded in the past for sticking it out through hard times, the more likely you are to keep doing it again and again and again.
  • Self-justification – the more time and effort we’ve already expended in the project/relationship, the more likely we are to justify those expenditures by continuing to push forward.
  • Social pressure – no one wants to appear incompetent or foolish and so the more we’ve personally identified a positive outcome the more likely we are to continue to the bitter end. By the way, at least in the West we’re socially programmed to do this anyway – consider culturally embedded messages like ‘when the times get tough, the tough get going’.

The upshot is that when when faced with a decision whether to ‘cut bait’ or continue, ask yourself the following questions and if you get a ‘yes’ to one or more, you may consider getting some outside help:

  1. Would failure with this project/relationship radically change my self-esteem or self-image, the way that I think about myself?
  2. Am I honestly open to hearing the concerns of others about this project/relationship?
  3. Do I evaluate the competence of others and/or the strength of their commitment/friendship based on their continued support for my project/relationship?
  4. Do I sometimes feel that if this project/relationship ends, there will be no tomorrow?

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