Surviving Sagittarius

Jupiter (Zeus) is the ruler of Sagittarius. Astrologically, this is where we feel rich, lucky, and blessed; with Jupiter we will always have enough, if perhaps, not a bit too much.

Mythologically, Jupiter is the consummate patriarchal archetype, the powerful king of the gods. Adept at strategy and forming useful alliances, he won at everything that he undertook. When it came to the ladies, Jupiter was equally successful although, in this regard, the success of his exploits came at a huge price. Jupiter fathered many children through numerous liaisons with divine and mortal women alike and his wife, the equally powerful goddess, Hera, was not best amused. Thus his marriage was a constant thorn in his side, his philandering the subject of many struggles and stories.

If you want to make a favorable impression on your Sagittarius boss, ensure you never lie, cheat, or otherwise indulge in what he or she would consider unfair play.

This may seem unfair in and of itself because, by contrast, Sagittarius feels that he or she is above the law, always free to follow his or her own star. Remember that in myth although Jupiter cheated on Hera, she never cheated on him. There’s a reason for this. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius demand complete and utter loyalty.

The good news is that unlike with Scorpio, if you make a mistake with Sagittarius, you always know where it is that you stand. Not prone to pussy foot around the proverbial bush, Sagittarius just says it like it is. Although some might find this habit of being rash and outspoken annoying, the good news is that Sagittarius is generous with rewards and praise.

Unlike Scorpio, Sagittarius will never stay angry for long and is oft quick to apologize, holding no hard feelings.

This brings us to yet another key point regarding the nature of Sagittarius. Think for a moment about the symbol for Sagittarius – the Centaur, half man and half horse. Mythologically, centaurs were a rowdy bunch, prone to drunken brawls and overindulgence. Yet at the same time, Chiron, the head of the centaurs was a revered teacher, healer, and lover of wisdom.

Likewise Sagittarius. The reason goes back to Jupiter being astrologically where we feel lucky, blessed. When times get rough, Sagittarius turns to a higher power, finding faith in his philosophy, his religion, his moral and ethical beliefs.

The great strength of Sagittarius lies in his or her vision.

As the king of the gods, Jupiter (Zeus) sat on Mount Olympus – at the top of the world. Thus he always enjoyed the biggest picture. Like Jupiter (Zeus), Sagittarius can thus see the potential in an idea or project and inspire others to follow in his lead. There are benefits to strategy and alliances.

If your love interest is Sagittarius, here are a few words of advice.

Regardless if the object of your passion is male or female, resist the temptation to fence him or her in; he or she will escape. Instead, be adventurous – eat, drink, and be merry – Sagittarius needs a lover, not a parent. The female of the species appreciates lovers who are both casual and flashy, as her mood suits. To win her heart, keep her guessing and make the whole process lots of fun.

Finally, if you have any doubts about what it takes to survive your relationship with a Sagittarius, consider, carefully, the following:

Great perils have this beauty, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers.

Victor Hugo

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