When you wish upon a star…


With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius, today and tomorrow are days of The Star.

In the tarot, the 22 cards comprising the Major Arcana, of which The Star is number 17, are oft seen an archetypal pattern for the whole of our life journey, the opportunities and challenges, which, over time, we all will face.


The Star represents the challenge and opportunity inherent in possessing confidence. This is not an external ‘in your face’, extrovert kind of thing. True confidence is much more subtle.

In this respect, confidence is not wishing for a positive outcome but instead having an honest expectation of it and taking action appropriate to make it happen.

With confidence, you’ll be motivated to go the extra mile, to put in the time and effort to accomplish your goals. Without confidence, you’ll either give up too early or perhaps not get started at all.


To build and maintain confidence, avoid these common traps:

  1. Self-defeating beliefs – if you believe that you can’t do something, then you can’t, full stop. For example, if you think your chances of promotion are minimal to nonexistent, then they are because you’ll behave as if that were a foregone conclusion.
  2. Goal setting – you’ll get further by taking baby-steps instead of great leaps. Confidence comes from small wins occurring on a regular and constant basis. A five-year plan may be great – but to accomplish it requires doing something every single day.
  3. Declaring an early victory – consider the dieter’s dilemma: at long last, she’s lost a few pounds and feels so good about it that she rewards herself with some high calorie goodies. Imagine how bad she will then feel about herself when the pounds start to slip back on again. Being on a winning streak feels great but it can’t and won’t continue without continuous, applied effort.
  4. Going it alone – well, the honest truth is that you can’t, so stop acting as if you can. Every movie star needs a supporting cast behind her so get some folks on board and keep them strong and sweet.
  5. Blaming others – sure enough, someone has let you down and there’s nothing you can do change that – but you still do choice about what you will do next. Blame is an easy and popular game to play but it will never get you to the goal post.
  6. Over-confidence – know your strengths as well as your weaknesses and keep both in mind at all times. Confidence requires the right balance between despair and arrogance. Don’t allow yourself to tip into either.

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Formerly an American lawyer specialising in international tax, I'm now an astrologer, novelist, and aspiring life coach.

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