Courage of Your Convictions


With the Sun in Sagittarius (purpose) and the Moon in Capricorn (mastery), today and tomorrow are Seven of Wands days.

In the tarot, the Wands correspond to the element of fire and hence symbolize intuitive excellence and spiritual mastery. Faith in your future becomes unshakeable and, as is always the case with the number seven, success is assured when accompanied by appropriate effort.


On a Seven of Wands day, you should expect to be challenged to stand your ground, to defend that which needs to be defended. It is the heroine who, bolstered by the courage of her convictions, wins the day by facing her fears and moving forward despite them.

Nonetheless, not all convictions are created equal and, sadly, some of those to which we find ourselves most attached may be better off lost or, at the very least, reevaluated.


  1. Listen – when someone challenges your position, listen to their ideas and work toward understanding their position. Sometimes we refuse to listen to others because we’re afraid that by doing so, we appear weak, conciliatory. Yet in reality, listening is not the same as agreeing and it is the strong, not the weak, who can tolerate criticism. Instead, remember that if your position is worthy of defense, then you’ll be in a better position of defending it once you’ve mastered the entirety of the situation.
  2. Be flexible – sometimes we get stuck, stubbornly believing there is only one right course of action. Rarely, however, is this the case. Explore other alternatives offered with an open mind and if they really won’t work, articulate why with a calm, albeit determined manner. As the result, you’ll find yourself back where you started even stronger, and as a bonus, having gained some respect. If, however, another plan or idea might work equally well as yours, then its time to re-evaluate your position.
  3. What can you live with – hanging on to your convictions just for the sake of it is never good strategy. Again, not all convictions are created equal and sometimes we need to let some fall by the way side. Consider whether, in the longer term you will gain more by going along with something that is not your top choice whilst at the same time ensuring it is something with which you (honestly) can live.

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