Turn Down the Heat

‘Mars tells us how the individual uses his energy and makes his presence felt.’

Karen Hamaker-Zondag


Today, Mars moves into Scorpio where he remains for next six weeks.

Astrologically, Mars represents our assertiveness, our sense of determination. He also represents our desire to win. In Scorpio, Mars has a special mission, to distinguish himself from others, to stand apart from the crowd.

Yet in Scorpio, Mars remains uncertain of his prowess, his ability to make his mark, and so more than in any other zodiac sign, in Scorpio he is likely to become obsessive, overemotional, obstinate, and to overcompensate.


Consider Jackie, a member of a Fortune 100 company’s senior leadership team. For some months, she’d been challenging the CEO and her other colleagues on almost every point they tried to make.

For a time, this was tolerated. Jackie did bring some good ideas to the table. But when the CEO most needed Jackie on board to roll out a new strategic plan, the proverbial ‘s…’ hit the fan.

Just when everything seemed to be going smoothly and everyone else was on board, Jackie started to interrupt meetings with what seemed like one pointless detour after another. It didn’t take long for colleagues to conclude that Jackie was intentionally derailing the meetings in order to draw attention to herself. As the result, most members of the leadership team grew increasingly irritated and began to pay Jackie less and less attention.

This, in turn, prompted Jackie to turn up the heat. Her disagreements started to focus less on the issue at hand and more as a personal attack on another. It didn’t take long before every meeting turned into a battlefield on which the strategic plan had stalled.

With this, CEO felt forced to ask Jackie to resign.


  • Whether at home or in the workplace, when Mars in Scorpio starts to misbehave step back from a personal reaction.
  • Instead, step back and specifically ask for his opinion and listen carefully when it is given.
  • Evaluate his opinion on its merits and give specific feedback regarding how it does and does not impart value and/or will or will not work.
  • It’s tempting to internalize any disagreement/opposition as personal criticism, especially when emotionally delivered. Resist temptation. Exercise self-management. Refuse to react negatively or ‘retaliate’ in kind.
  • Instead, demonstrate your willingness to accept criticism when properly delivered and then carefully draw the conversation back to the actual issue(s) at hand.

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