Surviving Scorpio

Mars (Ares), the ancient god of war, is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and this pretty much sums things up: astrologically, the planet Mars speaks to competition, a fighting spirit, and a ‘do or die’ need for victory. Mars also speaks to courage, bravery, stamina, and unwavering determination to achieve one’s goals.

If you want to make a favorable impression on your Scorpio boss, ensure you do not come across as sugary or submissive.

Be ambitious, always look him or her straight in the eye, and gain his or her respect by proving you’re strong enough succeed and survive. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of bringing out the natural  ‘bully’ in your Scorpio boss and if it is one thing of which you can be certain, that will not be nice. Scorpio can and will steam roll you straight into oblivion.

That brings us to yet another key point regarding the nature of Scorpio. Do not be surprised to discover Scorpio has a sharp tongue that packs a powerful punch. Mars, in myth, is associated with cutting, wounding, attacks, and knives.

For Scorpio, revenge is a favorite dish and one best served freezing cold.

Naturally, there’s a fine line between making that good impression on someone and overshooting the mark, hence stepping on their toes. This would be a dangerous line to cross with Scorpio. Consider the Scorpion, the symbol for this sign, a nasty little creature that might kill you for no other reason than it can.

Equally, however, do not underestimate the good will and commitment that Scorpio can and will direct in your favor. She is extremely loyal to those she loves as long as you give her no reason to doubt your own loyalty in return.

Scorpio is a water sign and as, so as you might expect, water signs absorb, blend, and dissolve. If it is one thing at which Scorpio excels, it is dissolving every boundary you could possibly erect to hide your deepest, darkest secrets. She can spot an inconsistency, something that doesn’t quite add up, a mile away and she won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of it, exposing all.

Needless to say, this lack of boundaries does not go both ways. Maintaining an unscalable wall of privacy and secrecy are second nature to Scorpio. Scorpio may go to great lengths to find out about you but she will be completely paranoid about you, or anyone else, doing the same to her.

Beware.  Scorpio may be a water sign, flowing where it suits her, but if it is one thing that she can’t stand, it’s change, especially when she feels it is thrust upon her from outside. This is because Scorpio is fixed water and FIXED is exactly how it sounds – resistant and immovable. Astrologically, each of the three fixed signs are magnetic, each in their own way, a centripetal force drawing energy inwards, toward the center. This is accomplished by attracting and controlling others.

Scorpio always brings commitment, passion, and drama to the table.

It is the job of the fixed signs to hold fast, preserve and stabilize. There is no sense asking Scorpio to entertain a new idea (or anything else) as long as she considers there is still mileage in that which has served her well for years.

If your love interest is Scorpio, here are a few words of advice.

If the interest in question is a man, do not try to dominate him in any way. It will backfire. Instead get up on your pedestal and let him adore you. However, under no circumstances are you to (consciously or not) make him jealous. If the interest in question is a woman, she must be able to trust you completely; loyalty is the name of her game. Ask about her philosophy of life. She’ll enjoy explaining it but do pay attention. If you’re the least bit insincere, all will be lost before it even begins.

Finally, if you have any doubts about what it takes to survive your relationship with a Scorpio, consider, carefully, the following:

‘I do not fight other gods, as you do, because you always want to see quarreling, pain and war. You have your mother’s unbending and intolerable obstinacy.’

The Iliad (Zeus speaking to Ares)

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