Mirror, mirror, on the wall…


With the Sun in Scorpio (covert) and the Moon in Gemini (cerebral), today and tomorrow are Nine of Swords days.

This suggests a deteriorating situation with which you’ll continue to struggle until you’ve taken a cold, hard look in the mirror.

The bad news is that the tarot suit of the swords symbolizes victory earned only at the cost of complete and utter destruction. The good news is that the number nine symbolizes renewal and regeneration and so now is the perfect time to reverse that deteriorating situation.  


It’s worth remembering that whatever the nature of this situation, the only component over which you will ever enjoy real control is your own thoughts and behavior.

It is also worth remembering that every day we each (albeit unconsciously) enact the #dramatriangle and that the victim role is the most coveted of the three roles involved. Although we all play this ‘game’, some are more prone to getting stuck in it than others and Scorpio is a prime example.

It is the nature of Scorpio hold and nurse a grudge, a classic manifestation of victim mentality. With Scorpio, a minor affront can easily turn into a serious betrayal especially with help from Gemini, who loves to stir up muddy waters with fast and furious mind games.


As noted above, the only way you can fix this deteriorating situation is to take that cold, hard look in the mirror. Start by asking yourself some questions:

  1. What do I really want in this situation? It’s difficult to get what you want if you aren’t honest with yourself what that is. This dynamic sets the stage to blame others for this failure and, not surprisingly, leaves you firmly in the coveted seat of the victim.
  2. Have I made it clear to everyone involved what I want? Even if you know exactly what you want, you can’t expect others to know unless you’ve clearly told them. If you’ve not done that (and there are many reason why you might not have done), then you may want to revisit question one.
  3. Do I behave in such a way as to support what I’ve said that I want? People take their cues from what you do as much, if not more, from what you say.  If you’re sending conflicting signals, you would benefit from revisiting question one because chances are those conflicting signals are happening for a reason.
  4. Do others understand what it is that I want? Ask them.

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