How to Get What You Want


With the Sun in Scorpio (insightful) and the Moon in Taurus (fruition), today and tomorrow are Nine of Cups days.

This is the most favorable card in the Minor Arcana. It promises complete harmony between reality and your fondest dreams. It is true that because Cups corresponds to emotions, there is clearly a danger in indulging in wishful thinking.

However, because the number nine carries a powerful impact of focus in the material realm, with due care and consideration this danger may should be easily overcome.


The trick here is to find balance between what it is that you want from another and the reality of his or her situation. Especially today and tomorrow, it does little good to focus, as so many of us are prone to do, solely on our own wants and needs.

Scorpio is perhaps one of the signs most apt to fall into this trap. Because she often operates from an underlying fear of being overpowered and controlled by others, preemptive attack is her first line of defense. With this comes the need to intimidate and control others through subtle manipulation. But with the energy or today and tomorrow, that approach will not work. Indeed, it might well blow up in your face.

The reason is that whilst Taurus may seem to take things at face value and in that regards, be naïve, that is only half the story. The other half is that Taurus has an uncanny knack of knowing when someone is deliberately treading on their toes and as everyone knows, it is pretty dangerous to wave the proverbial red flag to the bull.


Perfect the subtle, yet highly effective, art of persuasion and others are putty in your hands.

  1. Build trust and rapport with others and thus set the scene to your advantage.
    • The quickest and easiest way to build rapport is to assume that you already have it.
    • Simply imagine that the persons with whom you’re speaking are very dear and close old friends. As the result, your body language and attitude will change subtly and without overtly trying, you’ll make your intended audience feel comfortable and at ease. 
    • Smile and make eye contact in a non-threatening and confident manner. 
    • The more confidence you inspire in your audience, the more willing they are to respond positively to your suggestions.
  2. Fix the desired outcome for any meeting, conversation, or even an email,  firmly in your own mind before you begin.
    • Be very clear regard exactly what behavior you desire from others as the result of any meeting or communication – i.e. sign here, go there, or simply, accept this or agree with me.
    • Ensure that everything you say do during this communication is aimed at bringing them to that final result (see below for ideas) and then ensure you overtly ask them to do whatever it is that you want them to do.
  3. During the course of the meeting deliver at least one hook or incentive designed to appeal to everyone.
    1. Even if you know nothing about the personal characteristics of the person(s) you’re addressing, you have statistics and astrology on your side. Each person must fall into one of the 12 zodiac signs – cover them all – at least briefly – in your delivery:
      • Aries – appeal to her need to take action now.
      • Taurus – appeal to her need for simple, practical solutions.
      • Gemini – appeal to her natural curiosity. 
      • Cancer – appeal to her need to feel safe and secure.
      • Leo – appeal to her need to take center stage.
      • Virgo – appeal to her need to get it done and done right.
      • Libra – appeal to her need to maintain harmony.
      • Scorpio – appeal to her need to get to the bottom of things.
      • Sagittarius – appeal to her need for exploration and personal adventure.
      • Capricorn – appeal to her need to earn responsibility and respect.
      • Aquarius – appeal to her need to challenge the status quo.
      • Pisces – appeal to her need to help someone.
  4. Carefully choose the words you will deliver – keeping in mind the benefits of the following techniques
    • Develop YES sets – get them on a roll with answering a series of simple questions with a ‘yes’ and chances are they’ll keep rolling on in the affirmative.
    • Anticipation Loops – keep them paying close attention through the entire meeting by delivering only partial explanations with a promise to explain more fully, later.
    • Agreement Frames – everyone feels better when others agree with them – so meet any objections with the following – ‘I agree with you and (not but) I add this…’. 
    • Awareness Patterns – innocuous little words like NOTICE, REALIZE, EXPERIENCE, SEE, and AWARE are all great for slipping in ideas under the radar. For example, ‘’I’m certain that you realize that our numbers aren’t great this quarter and that means some redundancies.” If they question anything here, it’s more likely to be either (1) whether they did realize the numbers weren’t great or (2) whether in actual fact – the numbers weren’t great. This leaves them much more likely to accept (as a given) whatever comes after that.

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