What do you want to be when you grow up?


Today, as the Sun in Scorpio makes a harmonious trine to Neptune, the planet of dreams and dreamers and the Moon moves into action-oriented Aries, this age-old question takes on a new and potentially troublesome significance.

Basically we’re faced with a mixed blessing: immediately, we feel at one with our fondest wishes for our future whilst at the same time becoming acutely aware of our seeming inability to achieve the


The key to getting the best out of this energy is to ‘lighten up’ and approach it with the innocence and wisdom of a child welcoming adventure and success into our lives.

This, however, is easier said than done and that’s because of what I call the Glass Ceiling Problem (GCP), which prevents us from being happy even when our lives are going along perfectly well.

Guilt usually lies at the base of the GCP, although the exact circumstances can and will vary. For me, the message that I got early-on from my parents was not to outshine them. If they were unable to manifest their dreams, then neither should I. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that this is one of the primary reasons that I (unconsciously) self-sabotage my success in my career and relationships through illness, lack of sustained effort, and a surreal propensity to ensure that somehow, I will fail.


The first step is to spot when GCP happens and take immediate remedial action

If, like me, you’ve (unconsciously) spent years perfecting various thought and behavior patterns to keep you small and safe, you can’t expect everything to get better over night. Thus, you’ll need to be constantly vigilant for incidences of self-sabotage but the good news is that over time, this becomes a habit so why not get started today?

  • Worry – by stressing about all that might go wrong, we’re setting ourselves up for disaster. If the energy we’re projecting into the universe is negative, it only makes sense that negative energy is what we’ll get back in return. Ask yourself whether there is anything proactive that you can do right now to set things right in regards to your object of worry/concern. If there is, then do it ASAP. If not, let those negative thoughts go and use the time and energy you’ve saved to achieve your fondest dreams and wishes.
  • Criticism & blame – when we find ourselves criticizing someone or something, the underlying reason almost always says more about us then the object of our conscious ‘concern’. Keeping the focus on something/someone outside our control instead of on ourselves and that which we can control is addictive. It also ensures that you’ll never make it past your GCP and achieve those fondest wishes and dreams.
  • Deflecting praise – what’s your knee-jerk reaction when your boss or a colleague compliments you on a job well done? If you find yourself playing your accomplishments down – or even making excuses for not having done a better job, you’re experiencing GCP. By ensuring that the positive energy directed our way never lands on us, we stay small and safe. We also stay stuck, unable to achieve our fondest wishes and dreams (because they remain wishes/dreams rather than reality).
  • Arguing – just when things are going well between you and another or perhaps even with your entire team, someone starts a conflict of some kind that takes center focus. More often than not, this quickly digresses into a victim/persecutor/rescuer (#dramatriangle) cycle that nips all further possibilities of achieving those wishes/dreams in the bud.
  • Illness/injury – ever wonder why you manage to get ill during the first few days of a long-awaited vacation/holiday? Might it be an unconscious ploy to sabotage our happiness? All you need to do here is to open up to the possibility that this might be the case.

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