The Devil is in the Detail

For the next couple weeks, we’re enjoying a high dose of Virgo (Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Mars). The only problem is that all this Virgo is opposed by Neptune, symbolizing deception, self-imposed or otherwise. Basically, what you see/hear during this period is not necessarily what you’ll get.

It goes without saying that if you need to launch an idea or complete a project during this period, confusion, illusion, and/or down-right subterfuge is not your friend.

To avoid falling prey to this, concentrate on tactical implementation.

In this regard, always remember that three key factors determine any personal or professional project’s success:

  • bringing it in on or under budget,
  • executing it within the given time-frame,
  • following the implementation plan.

Failure in one or all of the above is usually the result of a misunderstanding of three essential givens:

  1. That which seems simple can be deceptively complex. Blueprints are fantastic but the devil is in the detail. Anticipate potential obstacles in advance and already have lined up the additional expertise to get past them.
  2. Time is your enemy. Everyone wants everything done yesterday and they apply pressure thus. Resist. Push back. Remember that it takes more time to fix something that’s gone wrong than to have done it right in the first place.
  3. Buy-in is not automatic. Implementation of any project requires change and resistance to change is only to be expected. But it won’t derail your project if you specifically get buy-in in advance – for every step from beginning to end – and from every person involved and effected.

What do you need to do differently?

Elaborate and discuss.

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