Martian Energies

Imagine standing around a buffet filled with delicious delicacies and you’re starving. Unfortunately, so are about 100 other people and there’s no clear indication of what’s meant to happen. An hour or so passes and the crowd starts getting increasingly restless. What happens next?

Astrologically speaking, we use Mars to assert ourselves and get what we want and of course, to express our anger.

Mars in Cancer might slip away to the back of the buffet and when no one is looking, fill her plate. Mars in Libra might strike up charming conversations to pass the time of day until someone takes the initiative to get the ball rolling. Whilst it is probably Mars in Aries who’ll take that initiative, Mars in Leo is not about to be outdone and so he will make a scene to draw everyone’s attention to him instead instead of Mars in Aries. Mars in Scorpio will take advantage of the confusion to start a rumor about a recent bout of food poisoning in the establishment and then tuck in to the feast whilst everyone’s else’s appetite has (predictably) gone off.

From today Mars moves into Virgo where he will remain until mid-September.

The approach of Mars in Virgo to the buffet scenario would be point out the deficiencies in the situation, citing clear examples of lack of organization and poor management. But unlike Mars in Aries, Mars in Virgo isn’t about to get his own hands dirty righting the wrong. Instead, he’ll start combing the crowd for someone capable of doing the job to his exacting specifications.

During this period while Mars in in Virgo, don’t be surprised when the emphasis on accomplishing things turns from self-expression (Mars in Leo) to hitting the productive sweet spot in the work flow.

Also, don’t be surprised if your own approach doesn’t always easily fit with this. If your natal Mars isn’t naturally in sync with Virgo, then to make the most of this period you’ll need to make some adjustment. Indeed, this is almost always the case except for a 1.5-month period every two years.

Imagine what you could achieve if you knew beforehand what you needed to do to make the best of every situation?

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