Be Nimble

Today Mercury turns direct and moves forward again in his apparent motion across the sky from Cancer to Leo and beyond. Since he turned retrograde earlier in July, you’ve probably been dithering about taking action to resolve an issue that deep down, you already appreciate needs to be resolved. 

Now, you’ve no choice but to do something – take responsibility, show leadership.

This may not be what you wished to hear, but take heart – you don’t need more keep doing more of the same only faster and harder. There are some fantastic new potentialities, and one of them as recently highlighted in The Harvard Business Review (HBR), is called ‘Nimble Leadership’. Even better, it doesn’t just work for business but also in your personal life.

Nimble Leadership

Basically, according to the HBR there are three distinct types of leadership: (1) entrepreneurial (creating value by moving into unchartered territory), (2) enabling (making sure everyone has everything they need to make it happen) and (3) architecting (eye on the ball, strategic and structural). 

The idea is that you can walk that thin line between creativity and chaos when you can enlist, as needed, the necessary strengths for all three. Naturally, this presupposes that you understand which situation (or aspect of a particular situation) requires what and when. If you aren’t certain, what’s the worst that could happen if you asked for some help? Similarly, if you don’t yet have the personal strengths to cover all three bases then recruit some in.

This is what coaches and coaching is all about.

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