Creative Flow

  • The new moon marks the start of a monthly cycle.
  • It carries a theme which fleshes out what lunar month ahead will be about. 

The seeds sown today will blossom and flower over the next two weeks, ready for harvest with the Full Moon in 14 days time.

Today’s new Moon is at 9 Leo and the theme is to do with creativity, that effortless flow that comes when spirit connects with soul to inform you and your world. 

Such creativity is meant to help you to express your very essence, to connect you with the ebb and flow of life. But all too often, through misguided beliefs and behaviours, we block off this flow. Twisted, the energy flow now goes awry and we move in directions that are not good for us. Sometimes, we even get ill.

Today, take a moment to assess your personal relationship with this creative flow.

  • Are you in touch with it?
  • How do you use it?
  • Where will this get you?
  • Is it where you want or are meant to be?

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