In Love with Love

  • In Gemini, Venus was charmed with conversation.
  • In Cancer, she was charmed with commitment.
  • Now she’s in Leo and she’s in love with the very idea of love.

Love is a celebration, a stage upon which dramatic tensions play out. Love is generosity, enjoyment, creation, self-expression, and appreciation. Make no mistake about it, now that Venus is in Leo, you and your beloved will star in a carefully-scripted, archetypally inspired show.

Contrary to popular belief, Venus isn’t so much about love for others as it is about love for ourselves. In psychological astrology, Venus point to our feelings of self-worth: the merit and reward which we gain from our relationships with others.

Don’t forget that in myth, the love affairs of Venus with mortals and immortals alike, were never smooth sailing.

After all, she was the most beautiful of all the goddesses and she knew how to use this to get precisely what she wanted.

From now until towards the end of August, don’t be surprised when your own romantic interests are tinged with self-interest. It’s only to be expected. The key for everyone to get the best of this period is to give each other plenty of pats on the back, passionate embraces, and encouraging smiles.

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