Choleric Days / Sun in Leo

  • Humoural theory is based on the ancient and medieval physiology and medicine as expounded by Empedocles, Hippocrates, and Galen.
  • Four blocks or ‘roots’ of the material world manifest in certain humours and their related temperaments.
  • Temperament is not the same as personality. Whilst the latter is shaped both by internal and external forces, temperament is inborn, innate.

As far back as Galan in the 2ndcentury it has been accept that no person can consist of a single temperament; such ‘pure’ states are not possible in nature. Still, it’s not unusual to display a dominant temperament and with the Sun now in Leo until 23 August, the dominant energy or temperament is choleric, the manifestation of fire which is hot and dry. 

Even if your Sun is not in Leo, Leo energy exists somewhere in your chart and so during this period whilst the Sun is in Leo, you might expect that it manifests for you n some way.

Choleric energy is characterised as commanding and aggressive. It is a time of energetic enthusiasm that may lead to impulsive ‘hot-headedness’. But it’s also characterised by a friendly atmosphere of generosity that can help to smooth over any cracks. This is a proud and bountiful time but beware, there’s a tendency not only to be lazy, but also to tell bold and audacious lies.

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