Charmingly Committed

In Gemini, Venus was charmed with conversation. Now she’s in Cancer she’s charmed with commitment.

Astrologically, Venus symbolises how we attract and seduce others, but do you need to attract or seduce someone who is already by your side? With Venus in Cancer, the net that reels in the beloved is alternatively tightened and loosened. This is the dance of love and one at which Venus in Cancer excels.

Some of her favourite ways to tighten her net is through typical Cancerian interests like cooking.

The trick with dealing with energy  is to avoid going over the top. When the net is pulled too tight, the natives will start to get restless, right? One of the best ways to manage this is through increased self-awareness. It’s all about recognising when you’re experiencing an emotion or feeling, putting a label on it, and then choosing how best to deal with it to ensure the best interests of all involved.

Try this right now:

Think of a situation where you had a strong emotional reaction to something. Now, work out what that emotion was and how in impacted both your thoughts and behaviour. Will you do the same again or instead, actively work to change your response in the future?

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