Eclipse of the Day

Today (2 July 2019) we will experience a powerful solar eclipse. It will occur at 19:24 (GMT not BST) at 10 Cancer 42. The moon comes between the earth and the sun and quite literally, the ‘lights go out’.

phases of an eclipse

This eclipse will fall someplace in everyone’s chart but if it effects a sensitive natal aspect (planet or midpoint) or falls on your angles (i.e. the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses), you’ll really feel it.

The eclipse will function like a power surge, provoking a crisis of some sort, something with which you’ll be forced to deal.

Remember that with a solar eclipse the conscious (Sun) is obscured by the unconscious (Moon) in such a way that you can expect your true feelings about something – or someone – to come through loud and clear. In addition, a solar eclipse always occurs on a new moon so if this eclipse impacts you powerfully, take it as a fantastic opportunity to use this information to commence a whole new 19-year cycle. If you cold use some help in this regard, consider astrological coaching!

The effects of an eclipse can be felt as much as six months prior to the actual date and up to one year later.

Do you have natal planets that are between 8-12 degrees of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, or Aries? If so, check out the following carefully:

  • Sun: You were born to be the hero of your life story – but sometimes from fear or false modesty, you delegate this role to another. When an eclipse makes an aspect to your natal Sun, you can no longer avoid assuming the starring role in your life. Expect issues with authority figures like parents or bosses, all those to whom in the past, you’ve abdicated your personal power.
  • Moon: Throughout life, you seek the security and safety that you enjoyed in your mother’s womb. You feather your nest, stock the pantry with yummy foods, and surround yourself with all that which makes you feel comfortable. But when an eclipse makes aspects your natal Moon, something – a new living situation, a change in health – will leave you feeling exposed.
  • Mercury: You define yourself through your names, rank , and serial number – your position in the pecking order at home, school, or in the workplace. When eclipses aspect natal Mercury, prepare for a changes in the way in which you define yourself.  Mercury is the storyteller. It’s time start writing your life story from a different perspective.
  • Venus: Wouldn’t you just love it if you’d been born with self-confidence, great relationships, fabulous looks – not to mention oodles of cash?! Eclipse aspects to Venus remind you that you don’t always get that which you might think that you deserve. This realisation usually comes through financial challenges, relationship transitions, or flagging self-esteem.
  • Mars: Mars operates as your personal guard dog – protecting your home, your reputation, your family, defining your boundaries. When an eclipse makes an aspect to your natal Mars, the watch dog is stirred up and straining at his leash; take what’s yours, but just make sure no one gets hurt.
  • Jupiter: Do you love an adventure? Taking a chance, making a gamble, an exotic trip to somewhere you’ve never before been? When an eclipse makes an aspect to your natal Jupiter, you’re revved up to have a go, take that chance, do whatever you think is needed to get your life back on track.
  • Saturn: When an eclipse makes an aspect to your Saturn, you may feel worn out and/or discouraged. Maybe you’ve your outgrown your present life  it or maybe you’re still playing by outdated rules? Just remember that you’ll never get anywhere by blaming others for your difficult situation. Regardless of how things got this way, only you can take the positive action needed to make your life better.
  • Uranus: When an eclipse makes an aspect to your natal Uranus, you may feel like a misfit, a clown, a scapegoat – and, well…let’s be honest –  that hurts. Recognising who are and are not your friends, is a key challenge now. Identify only with groups that allow you be yourself.
  • Neptune: Now is the time to examine your blind spots, examine your faith, and dispute that which you’ve always believed was indisputable. If you’ve been fooling yourself  – hiding away from reality, then expect a wakeup call.
  • Pluto: We all have a darker side; feelings of rage, jealousy, and/or fear. These make us weaker, slaves to our emotions, not to mention allowing those who are self-possessed to further manipulate us. When an eclipse makes an aspect to your natal Pluto, expect to confront the dark side – either in yourself or in those you’ve allowed to embody it for you. Power struggles are the order of the day.

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