Question your lessons

As the master of illusion, Neptune works in mysterious ways.

When he’s direct (moving forward in the sky), he’s subtle – even sneaky – but when he stations and turns retrograde (stops and reverses direction), it’s time to move out from the shadows and face the (proverbial) music.

What is the lesson?

From 21 June until 27 November, Neptune is powering backwards through the sky in Pisces and so you’ll be revisiting some of your most cherished illusions and taking a reality check. 

There are lessons to be learnt and wisdom to be imparted.

Equally, there are questions to be asked and covert agendas to be uncovered. You know very well that all that glitters is not gold but how often do you fool yourself into believing that all you read or hear is true and what you and your’s say is gospel?

Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher.


Both spiritually and emotionally, this may prove to be a challenging time not least because you’ll lose your blinkers and one-eyed attitudes. 

  • Imagine your spiritual master is helping you to grow by facing a very personal challenge. What is it?
  • If that’s the solution then what exactly is the problem?
  • What if the opposite were true?

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