Star Rising in the East

The myths and stories associated with my rising sign (the zodiac sign on the eastern of my chart) define the types of experiences that I’ll encounter during my life.

I love a good story? Don’t you?

Especially when the story gives valuable insight about my archetypal mode of living in the world.

I have Cancer rising and so I’ll be looking to the stories and myths associated not only with the Moon, the traditional ruler of Cancer, but also Neptune, the esoteric ruler of Cancer. This means that stories carrying themes of dreams, illusions, seduction, and transformation are important to me. In this regard, The Little Mermaid is perfect although I will want to look both at the original fairy tale and the Disney sugar-coated version, as they have different endings and morals. 

Ariel is a mermaid in crisis. She sets out to win the love of Eric, a human prince, and approaching her task with the innocence of a child, she enlists the aid of a wicked sea witch who does a great Ti’amat impersonation. To achieve her goal, Ariel sacrifices her treasure (her lovely voice ) in exchange for feet only to find that she experiences exquisite agony every step she takes. 

In the original fairy tale, the object of Ariel’s’ desire is immortality and upon her grandmother’s advice, she sets out to achieve this by getting a human to fall in love with her so deeply that his immortality fuses with her being. To this end, Ariel fails miserably and ends up far away from home, unable to return. In the Disney version, Ariel skips the spiritual stuff and, keeping her focus on physical attraction, lives happily ever after. 

Although the Disney message is to follow your dream with all your heart, the original tale warns that not all dreams are created equal and sometimes, the price paid will be too high. I find it remarkable that the Disney version arises from the United States, a Cancerian nation with a strong Neptunian (Hollywood) perspective . Once upon a time, I called that nation home.

But like Ariel, I decided to risk everything and followed my dream, which has led me to living on two different continents. My journey to date has been both rich and informative, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s ‘happily ever after’. 

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