Busy Bee

In Taurus, Venus was charmed by simplicity. Now she’s in Gemini, she’s charmed with conversation.

Up and down the airwaves, Venus keeps her stories coming. Equally she’s enthralled to hear your stories, especially if they’re light and easy and, of course, well-told and exciting. Venus in Gemini doesn’t much care if the stories she tells or hears are true, at least true in the sense of verification. That is not the point.

The point is circulation, pollination, and connection. 

Like a bee to the flower, Venus in Gemini is drawn into interchange of all sorts and she’s especially fond of gossip.

Whether her interest is more than a passing fancy depends on the other energies around and from 20th of June until the end of the month (when Venus flirts with Jupiter by opposition), you may be tempted to burn the candle of romance at both ends. The energy will be both big-hearted and warm but trying to be all things to all people is, as we all know, not possible – at least not for long.

  • What are the possibilities, here?
  • Can you say more?
  • If it were up to you, how would it work out?

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