At 10:03 (GMT not BST) on 3 June 2019, we will enjoy the new moon in Gemini, and what a pleasure this will be.

With this new moon, you have an opportunity to commence polishing your skills on what until now, might have been a long-forgotten talent. Get back in touch with your natural strengths and abilities and ensure that you are always in a position to use them to your best advantage.


Imagine a pianist who has been diligently practicing on her instrument since childhood finally getting her once-in-a-lifetime chance to play at Carnegie Hall. To enjoy a smashing success that night, she needs not only to have learned her craft to the highest standard, but also be able to concentrate on the flow of her music whilst at the same time being attentive to her audience. Most importantly, she must be passionate about her music and utterly able to share that passion. Our pianist has stories to tell, emotions to elicit, and drama to be played out on her keyboard.

Rewards come to she who is well-rehearsed and confident in her performance.

  • What would it take to enjoy such a moment?
  • What plans do you have to make it happen?
  • Which of those plans will you put into action on such an auspicious day?

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